Google announces Nest WiFi, Nest Mini, a replacement to the Google Home Mini and Nest Hub at MadebyGoogle Event 2019

Alongside the Pixel 4 devices and the Pixelbook Go, Google have also announced a team of Nest devices, one of which may look slightly familiar, as Google have now added Nest branding to the former Google Home Mini with some improvements. Google also announced a Router and a Smart Speaker device, which we’ll get to now.

Google Nest Mini

Design and functionality wise, it’s literally the same as the former Google Home Mini, as well as the £49 launch asking price, but, now with Nest branding, the Mini now has some improvements in both Audio and with the microphones, which should help the device from picking up your commands when Audio is being played, and, that audio that is being played, will sound that much more better.

Outside of an improvement to Speaker quality, as well as additional mics, this is basically a Google Home Mini, though expect some consumer confusion when the Nest branding is brought towards them as not many people have even heard of the Nest branding outside of the US.

Google Nest Hub

Another device getting the Nest branding, is the Nest Hub, a Google Assistant powered Speaker with Display. Difference of course with having a regular Assistant device and this, is naturally you can see the results of the searches you have done, as well as watch Videos and more.

The device will set you back £119, which for the category of devices, this certainly isn’t the only device of its kind, that’s actually a fairly decent device. It’s not the most popular way to use the Google Assistant, but for those looking for an official choice, this is Google’s own.

Google Nest WiFi

The final Google branded device to go Nest branding, is the former Google WiFi, now Nest WiFi. These are Google’s mesh Routers which now have built in Google Assistant on the main device.

Price of the device starts at £129, but there’s more to it than that, as that will get you just the base unit, so a single Router, but Google naturally offer, the above, one Router and an extra station, or one Router and three extra stations, the choice you make naturally will depend on the size of the are you wish to boost. For a standard home, there’s no reason to get more than the 2 set up.

The devices are powered by the 802.11s standard, which the S is the standard for mesh Routers to co-operate with, however as a Router themselves we have talk suggesting it will be supporting the latest Wi-Fi 6 standard, which would make sense.

Unfortunately, other than the base £129 price, Google are yet to provide pricing for the devices as a whole, but we will update this post the second we can with the full pricing for the 1 to 1 and 3 to 1 options.

These aren’t all that Google announced during their MadebyGoogle Event, all our coverage is available here.


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