Google announces more “affordable” Pixelbook, the Pixelbook Go at MadebyGoogle Event 2019

As far as pointless products are concerned, the previous, still available, Pixelbook was really up there, however, Google are hoping to correct that slightly with the announcement of the Pixelbook Go. Typically, when Google add Go to a product, it’s the more budget functioned variant of the same device, which, whilst it is sort of the case with this, this is a MadebyGoogle device, so don’t expect much.

Available in a curvy, and rubbery formation, the Pixelbook Go is certainly an interestingly designed device, as are most MadebyGoogle devices, but it’s also a device which still, like it’s more expensive brother, makes little to no sense for the majority.

Thankfully it’s also available in a Black finish, and so not as garish, but the reason question we’ve got to answer of course is, should you actually buy it, and, what’s actually inside of there.

As expected, this is a Chrome OS device, so essentially you’re running the Chrome browser, but let’s not forget you can also use some select Android apps which will work as well, which may be a slight way to defend some of the more expensive options, but let’s have a look at those.

The base configuration of the Pixelbook Go starts with an Intel Core m3, which is useful as those processors are fan-less and so completely silent, but also reveals the price starting point, £629, which, for a Chromebook might be still quite pricy.

But of course, you can configure the device away from it’s Full HD all the way to a 4K Ultra Display, which at 13.3 inch might be a bit pointless expense and either a Core i5 or Core i7, all of which are Intel’s 8th gen dual-core mobile variants. As far as storage is concerned, the 64GB base configuration is, yes, rather stingy, but unlike Windows or macOS, ChromeOS is near all online, so storage isn’t too important. We think the Core i7 £1,329 option is absolutely pointless.

The device doesn’t look too bad to be fair, and it is nice to finally have a halo Chrome OS which doesn’t start at a four figure price point, and has a decent 1080p webcam which will be decent for video calls as well.

The keyboard is backlit, which is nice for the price point, and features Google’s Titen security chip, which we’re not entirely sure how that will help Chrome OS, an OS which is already fairly secure, but it’s nice to have that extra piece of mind we guess.

The device also features a unique rubber bottom, which will not only increase the devices grip and hold on your lap, but also has a unique look.

Google rate 12 hours of battery life, and, being a Chromebook, we’re fairly reliant on that being accurate. Question is, however, is it worth getting a device like this that may look a bit more premium, when you can still get decent (enough) Chromebooks for barely £200.

This isn’t all that Google announced during their MadebyGoogle Event, all our coverage is available here.

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