Google announce release date for gaming service Google Stadia, pricing and more!

Google Stadia was announced back at Google’s I/O conference, but now we finally have a release date, this coming November and it’s looking incredible. Above is the exclusive pre-order Foundation Edition controller you can get to play all those Games, don’t worry though PC Gamers, you can still use Keyboard and Mouse if you insist.

The incredible thing about Google Stadia is what it delivers, AAA gaming without a Gaming PC or Console, just an Internet connection and access to a Google Chrome browser, that’s it! Google promises 60fps on not only 720p and 1080p, but also in 4K resolution on selected titles, which for what you’d require to get that, is pretty insane.

Call us the odd ones out, but we actually prefer the White controller, but those are the base controller options for Stadia, though we personally expect they’ll be much more options as the service continues.

To power the service all you need is the following based on these platforms;

  • Mac, PC, Linux, Chrome OS = Google Chrome browser
  • Smartphone = Pixel 4 and Pixel 3 range of devices only *at the moment*
  • TV = Chromecast Ultra

As far as Internet connectivity, Google claim you shouldn’t need any more than you would need to stream Netflix in the same quality, which in itself is pretty incredible.

Whilst Google will show off Stadia with the Stadia controller, which looks and feels almost like an Xbox controller, should you be playing on a PC (whether Windows, macOS or Linux) you can also Game using your Keyboard and Mouse as well, if you choose.

Pricing tiers


For free you can experience Google Stadia, offered at the max of 1080p at 60fps on all your devices. The only expense comes with which Games you want, which you will have to individually purchase.


If you pay for a Stadia Pro Subscription, you too can purchase any Game and play whenever, but you now can play those titles at 4K 60fps as an option, but you will also get per month free titles to play as well.


For £119, you can get everything you need, a Stadia controller, for a limited time that nice dark looking one will be available, as well as a Chromecast Ultra to play your titles on your TV.

Google Stadia will be available November 14th, this will include US, Canada and the UK. Though, it’s worth noting that this will only include the Pro Subscription. The free Subscription will be available early 2020.

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