O2 now FINALLY joins the crowd offering Unlimited 4G Plans and gives details on 5G!

Well, it’s finally happened, whilst it seemed to take EE months to bow to pressure from Three, then Vodafone, O2 is now the last, eventual, UK Carrier to offer consumers truly Unlimited Data on their 4G Network, or “Limitless Data” as they call it! Is it cheaper than the other guys, not really, but it’s finally an option for those where O2 is the best choice for them and they really do need the most they can get. But, what about 5G on O2? Well, we’ll get to that, but first;

There it is, Unlimited Data on O2 … granted it’s a tad pricey. For comparison here’s the starting price of truly Unlimited 4G Data on rival networks;

  • Three – £20 (max speeds, including 5G)
  • Vodafone – £30 (max speeds, including 5G)
  • EE – £34 (4G only capped at 60mbps) or £39 (5G)
  • O2 – £35 (4G only)

Yeah, so there you go! O2 is the most expensive UK Carrier for Unlimited Data on its 4G network. However, eager eyes will have noticed that most Carriers, like Three and Vodafone, offer the same pricing for 5G data as well, which will be naturally beneficial for those when the service rolls out in your area. EE, like when it launched 4G, has decided to keep 4G and 5G plans separate, though easing that benefit with Swappable benefits. For more on what the other guys offer, you can check that Guide right here!

O2’s CMO Nina Bibby had this to say on the launch of Unlimited;

We’re excited to be unveiling our Unlimited Data plans today. Now there’s no limit to what you can do on O2. As the customer champion, O2’s mobile plans have always been designed to put customers in control, and with the option of unlimited data on our award winning network, we are now providing our customers with the ultimate choice.

O2’s Unlimited Data is now also available on their O2 Refresh Contracts and more, if you “Edit” before purchase, and raise the Data, a new Unlimited Data option is now available. It’s not cheap, the new iPhone 11 Pro will set you back £70.44 for 36 months on O2’s Refresh plan, but like the other Networks it’s an option.

O2 Unlimited is also available as a Family Plan, which will be most likely the best way of getting the deal at the best possible price on O2, however hard that is when you look at their rivals.

However, not only is O2 the most expensive for 4G Unlimited, it’s also got a far more aggressive fair usage policy. Whilst providers like Three and EE tend to have a lite-fair usage of around 1,000GB of usage, O2 have a limit around 650GB. Not a massive deal, as we doubt most users won’t touch that much, but worth mentioning.

5G on O2? Where is it

O2 has confirmed that 5G will be launching this coming November, though has recently brought that forward to now October 2019, and is expected to include the usual 5G suspects; both of Samsung’s Galaxy offerings in their 5G variants, Mi MIX 3, and most likely LG and OnePlus will be there as well, however the one question O2 would not clarify, is whether there new Unlimited Plans would include 5G or not, all we get from O2 is this statement;

Right now, all our 5G phones come on a 4G tariff with a 4G sim because our 5G network is still to come. When we launch our 5G network from October, you’ll then need to move to a 5G sim on a new 5G tariff. Once that’s done, update your phone’s software and enable 5G in settings.

Based on that, it’s looking like O2 5G will be an “Extra” add-on, or Bolt on as O2 likes to call them, which would put them in the market with EE, however whether it will be just the £5 increase it is on EE, remains to be seen, we’ll watch this space. For now, we’re hoping O2 surprise us with simply allow existing plans to include 5G data, we’ll see.

The best news for you and me, this is the most competitive we’ve seen the Carriers in the UK in a long while and we can’t wait to see more emerge, especially when MVNOs take 5G on board, so far Vodafone’s VOXI network is expected to gain 5G at the end of 2019.

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