Samsung cancels existing Galaxy Fold pre-orders, BUT commits to new 18th September

Galaxy Fold press image

I don’t think anyone could really recall a release quite as convoluted as the Galaxy Fold. If it’s not for the production delays, it’s the recall itself, and now Samsung has gone again and cancelled all existing Galaxy Fold pre-orders, but there’s more to it and we’ll get to that now.

Free $250 Gift Card

Despite issues with the Galaxy Fold, due to, let’s face it, the battle to be first, Samsung do seem to be showing some Customer loyalty in how they’ve handled this one. All users who previously pre-ordered the Galaxy Fold have both received a refund of the mere £2,000 they spent on it, but Samsung has also given users a free $250 Samsung Store Gift Card, which is nice, something Samsung didn’t need to do, but is a decent gesture. The $250 Gift Card will work on any Samsung purchase, not just another Smartphone by Samsung, so credit where it’s due to them for that, naturally most still eager for the Fold will likely just take that as a discount to their next Fold pre-order.

New pre-order date

Speaking of which, Samsung have now committed an all new Galaxy Fold release for September 18th in the UK for the same $2,000 (£1,900), which the company says includes fixes to most of the problems such as the on display covering, which now can’t be pealed off. Time will tell naturally whether the Fold will still have it’s issues, but at least it will actually enter Customers hands this time.

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