Nokia announce a stylish 48MP Nokia 7.2 and brings back the Flip Phone with the Nokia 2720

Nokia announced a collection of devices at IFA 2019, but two devices came to our attention, one for it’s Camera, and the other for it’s flip … OK nostalgia hit us as it has everyone, but there’s certainly nothing wrong with that. Here’s a rundown of a great looking mid-range Android phones, and a return from the past.

Nokia 7.2

When it comes to great design and Nokia colours, the Nokia 7.2 is a great take, especially in that incredible Green colour. Whilst the device is certainly an eye catching one, the Nokia 7.2 enters in a price range surrounded by many competitors, which likely offer a lot more for the money and with more availability, but this is a very decent effort by HMD.

The big headline feature of the Nokia 7.2 is the Camera, quite the large one, a ZEISS 48MP Camera is at the back of the Nokia 7.2, which is pretty incredible for the around €299 price tag expected for this, in a 4GB RAM / 64GB variant, price rises to €349 for a 6GB RAM / 128GB version, whilst the specs versus photos themselves are something to keep in mind, that’s still pretty incredible for this price point. One thing that’s not too great about the Camera, is the hefty bump it creates, but as long as it delivers decent photography, we doubt you’ll be too bothered.

With a Snapdragon 660, the Nokia 7.2 isn’t going to blow you away spec wise, but it will definitely be powerful enough for the average user, and should definitely get you some decent battery life with its 3,500mAh capacity.

Nokia 2720

The star of the show from HMD’s IFA once again is a throwback. If anyone remembers the reception when the remade 3310 was created, we’ve around the same reaction here. Maybe not quite as strong, as it’s hard to imagine many will identify with 2720, but the fact that it’s 2019 and we’re talking about a brand new Flip Phone with 4G, is enough let’s be fair.

As a Phone, let’s be honest, it’s not much, this really is a colour screen Flip Phone as they used to be, however it does feature some Apps which wouldn’t be previously available such as Google Maps and YouTube, though naturally watching YouTube or navigating on any display below 2 inch isn’t the best experience in the world.

The big news on this device is the standby, 28 days! Which considering the market this is targeting, is pretty incredible stat. Naturally, as we said earlier, this isn’t much in terms of function, but for a parent or grandparent, or as a spare, this will more than fill that gap for those looking for something simple that just does the Job of Phone call with some texting.


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