EE bows down to pressure from Vodafone and Three, finally offering Unlimited Data Plans for 4G, and, more importantly, 5G!

Competition is really starting to begin in the UK since Vodafone started offering truly Unlimited Plans, a move naturally following Three who had previously offered Unlimited for some time. EE, however, hasn’t offered an Unlimited Plan for a good while, not since it was created via the Orange and T-Mobile merger, so news that the network will be offering Unlimited, is a pretty big deal!

However, how does this compare, and what’s O2 being doing, let’s have a look at all offerings and we’ll summarise.


Three has always offered Unlimited Data, minus one off moment, so it’s no surprise the Carrier is offering 5G and they’re certainly offering it for a great price! The problem with Three, and likely why they offer it for this price, is Three has a wide reputation for being, easily, the least available network in the UK for coverage.

Three do offer the same Unlimited Data plan on a 30 day roll-over plan for, still a very cheap, just £26, which is still less than any of the rivals offer Unlimited Data. As with all the upcoming, the Unlimited Data Plans come with Personal Hotspot capability and standard Calls and Texts, with exception of premium rate numbers and MMS.

One thing that’s incredible, is that they include 5G when it rolls out in your area, if not already there now, just a shame about Three’s real-world network availability.


Vodafone has done Unlimited like no other Carrier we’re about to mention, Vodafone offer Unlimited Data, which includes standard Calls and Texts, but based on speed tiers and extras for the end result. The price above is the £30 standard to get the same as Three offer, strictly Unlimited Data, Calls and Texts at the best speed, which like Three includes 5G.

For a network as vastly available as Vodafone, this is a big deal, especially as Vodafone are the Network typically considered on the pricey side, however it’s IMPORTANT TO CHECK WHICH UNLIMITED PLAN YOU GET, we can’t stress that more, and we’ll do so in a simple speed and price stat below on a 12 month SIM Only plan;

  • UNLIMITED LITE = £23 / Max speed 2mbps
  • UNLIMITED = £26 / Max speed 10mbps
  • UNLIMITED MAX = £30 / Fastest speed available with no cap including 5G

(All plans above are an extra £2 for 30-day rolling)

So, it goes without saying, only consider plans with Unlimited Max. All Vodafone’s non-Unlimited plans don’t have speed caps either, only the “Unlimited Lite” and “Unlimited”.

Unlimited or Unlimited Max With Entertainment 

Vodafone also offer Unlimited Data plans with Entertainment as an additional price, the standard £26 Unlimited Plan becomes £32, and Unlimited Max becomes £36, but what do you get, well, your choice of one of these;

  • Amazon Prime Video – The same £5.99 plan
  • Spotify Premium
  • NOW TV – One plan
  • Sky Sports Mobile TV


This is where things get really interesting. For those who saw EE’s initial launch 5G Plans and prices, we won’t hide anything, EE 5G launched with £32 being the cheapest price with a 20GB Data Cap, prices risen to £47 for 40GB, not decent prices at all.

Now, however things are a lot more rosy, however EE is the only Carrier NOT offering 5G inclusive in existing 4G plans like Vodafone and Three, so you will have to specifically choose a 5G plan, if you want one.

EE will offer unlimited 4G for £34 for 12 months, which is great for EE, but remember it’s not 5G, none of EE’s Swappable Benefits (we’ll get to those) and a data cap of 60mbps on the download, which, we won’t lie, is still pretty decent. You can get 2 Swappable Benefits on that for £39.

For 5G, you can finally go Unlimited on EE 5G plans, which trust us is vitally important, and EE will offer you truly Unlimited 5G for £44 per month with 3 Swappable Benefits. Granted, that’s still pretty pricey, but if you actually care about the 3 Swappable Benefits, they could pay for themselves. What are Swappable Benefits, well let’s have a look;

EE Swappable Benefits;

EE’s Swappable Benefits are actually pretty decent, and are one of the reasons EE justifies their price tag on their new highly improved plans, whether they’re worth it will be up to you, as for 5G they’re not option, but here’s what they offer;

  • Amazon Prime Video – The same £5.99 plan
  • EE Video Data Pass – Services such as Netflix, BBC iPlayer, BT Sport and Amazon Prime Video won’t use up your data plan, separately available for £8.99
  • EE Music Data Pass – Services such as Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal and Deezer won’t use up your data plan, separately available for £7.99
  • Roam Further Pass – Allows inclusive roaming data (for now EU included) to further locations such as USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand, separately available for £10
  • BT Sport
  • EE Gamer’s Data Pass – Games such as Pokémon GO, Harry Potter Wizards Unite, FIFA and Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes won’t use up your data plan.

It’s worth noting, we’re talking about Unlimited Data Plans, so unless you choose Prime Video, Rome Further or BT Sport, you’re hardly going to benefit, but for plans that are Limited, these are pretty decent.

O2 … where are you?

O2 currently are yet to offer 5G, with an expected launch this November. For now, however, the highest plan O2 offer is 120GB of data for £30, 12 months. We guess time will tell whether O2 will offer Unlimited at all, never mind 5G, but for now there’s just the three to choose from.

UPDATE 13/09 = O2 have finally announced Unlimited Data on their 4G for £35, making them the most expensive for the service, however for more on this and their 5G plans, click here!

Summary – Which offers the best?

As with everything, it depends. If you live in an area, and will always be in an area, where you can get decent Three service, for the price they offer, it’s a no brainer. However, most don’t, which puts the option to Vodafone and EE.

Both Vodafone and EE are seemingly comparable for what they offer as additional benefits, whilst Vodafone is the better for price, after Three, offering Unlimited 5G for £30 (or £32 30-day), they also offer for just £32, the option to include service for just £2 more. However, EE offer a lot more inclusive, but if you read between the lines, EE don’t offer much for Unlimited users, as 3 of their 6 Swappable Benefits are to help against running out of data, they’re amazing if you aren’t Unlimited, but if you are, you’re not left with much, and if you want Amazon it’s straight up cheaper to go Vodafone for the same deal, which settles that then.

Best Network and Plan for Unlimited Data (with 5G) = Vodafone


Best Network and Plan for Unlimited Data (with 5G) for those subscribers to Prime, BT Sport and like to travel = EE

Best Network and Plan for Unlimited Data (with 5G) at the best price, but maybe not availability = Three

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