Google breaks tradition with Android 10 and we don’t like it!

Google have now finally revealed the name of the next version of Android Q, which begs the obvious question, what dessert have Google chosen this time, something exotic … well, not exactly.

Android 10

Android Q, as it’s been known so far, is Android version 10.0, and as a result it’s now going to be know as Android 10 … no really, that’s the name! Now, you might be there thinking what’s the problem, but the problem is simple. For starters, let’s run over the previous versions of Android;

  • A = Alpha
  • B = Beta
  • C = Cupcake
  • D = Donut
  • E = Eclair
  • F = Froyo
  • G = Gingerbreak
  • H = Honeycomb
  • I = Ice Cream Sandwich
  • J = Jellybean
  • K = Kitkat
  • L = Lollipop
  • M = Marshmallow
  • N = Nougat
  • O = Oreo
  • P = Pie
  • Q = … 10

In fact, it’s more than that, it’s not even going to be Q at all. Guess, Google was scared of running out of letters? To be fair, there’s a lot more difficult letters for desserts, including Q, but that’s no excuse to lose such a charming attribute. The dessert names also gave Android personality, one of the rare instances where it almost made Android less nerdy, the irony about this is the redesigned Font and reduction of the robot is supposed to give Android personality.

But, it’s more than that, as you can see from above, the different versions of Android all have their own corresponding Android Statues at Google HQ, it’s hardly going to look impressive just hosting a 10.

Aren’t you just over-reacting?

Maybe, but this is the end of a legacy. We were all waiting in anticipation for the announcement of the name of the next version of Android, and so to find out it’s simply going to be “Android 10” it’s such a let down, it’s one thing which mere-mortals always talk about when it comes to Android, it was one of the fun factors.

What do you think about Google going back to a more normal OS numbering, we think it’s a shame to see it go, but, as with everything, we’ll get over it.

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