Apple Card not recommended near Denim, Leather (like a Wallet) or loose change … wait, what?!

When Apple launched the Apple Pay service, the company branded it as their steps to replace the Wallet, however, few years later here Apple are with something for your Wallet … however, maybe your Wallet isn’t the place you’d think it would be for the Apple Card, as in the perfect place to put it.

Apple Card is essentially a Goldman Sachs Credit Card, with added Apple bonuses, and what’s arguably one of the most simplest Banking app experience. It’s also a Titanium card, which is bound to get you those looks, what it’s not however, it seems, is practically made.

As noted on a Support page by Apple, on cleaning the Card, a basic thing to offer, let’s be fair, let’s just say Apple definitely reveal a collection of the Apple Cards, shall we say, vulnerabilities. Whilst, naturally any Credit / Debit Card isn’t indestructible, they’re about to seem it in comparison to what Apple claims you should avoid your Apple Card from;

  1. Avoid Leather – According to Apple, ‘Some fabrics, like leather and denim, might cause permanent discoloration that will not wash off’. Yeah, so one of the most popular materials used for Wallets, is not recommended for Apple Card
  2. Avoid other Cards – According to Apple, storing your Apple Card around other Cards could result in permanent scratches
  3. Avoid loose change – Same as Cards really, loose change can cause permanent scratches. I mean, who has loose change in a Wallet…right?
  4. Avoid magnets – Turns out, if you store your Apple Card near magnets, or some metallic straps, it could cause them to become demagnetised
  5. Hard surfaces or materials – This ones a bit more understandable. If the Apple Card is exposed to hard surfaces or materials, it’s possible the coating could get damaged.

Whilst it’s a stretch to say any of them are a common factor with your run-of-the-mill Credit Cards, it’s hard to say that it’s something we’ve had to worry about before, and it definitely makes that magic, eye catching appeal of the Apple Card, just vanish in array of WTF. It begs the question on whether Apple actually tested the Apple Card, as based on all this, it’s clear it’s just a fashion statement with a Card as a disguise.

You can find out more about the Apple Card on Apple’s US website below (as it’s currently US only), or check out the amazing Apple Support page we’re referring to below that.

Apple Card

Apple Support – How to clean your Apple Card


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