Samsung Galaxy Fold is apparently all fixed, and, ready for September release!

Galaxy Fold press image

Samsung sure know taught everyone how to get bad press when you want it with the Galaxy Fold, a product which is fairly obvious simply wasn’t ready when announced. Now, however, Samsung claim the device is ready for release, and are promising a, limited at first, launch of the device this coming September.

MKBHD removes the protector

To say the initial release of the Galaxy Fold didn’t go to plan, is a massive understatement, making the press attention from the Note 7 look tame, but if Samsung really have corrected things, that’s great, though it just shows how pressured the company were to release the device, likely to one-up Huawei, who, at the time, were promising an earlier release of their Mate X, something ironically itself has been delayed as well (though Huawei haven’t exactly had a smooth few months).

Whilst the promise of the Fold remains the same, it remains to be seen how Samsung have rectified the many issues the device had from launch. We already know that Samsung have rectified the protective layer at the top of the screen, as shown in the picture below, which was far too easy to both remove and just looked like a regular fingerprint sensor.

The last major issue with the Fold was generally to do with the device both attracting, and having too many exposed areas for muck to get inside, time will tell how Samsung has rectified this, and for nearly $2,000 we certainly hope they have rectified everything.

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