Apple updates MacBook Air line, adds new lower tier Pros and straight up ditches the 12 inch!

Apple have made quite a few behind the scene changes to their Mac notebook line, and whilst none of them will make them any better, in terms of the immensely flawed keyboard design, which still needs a rethink, though if rumours are to be believed that may be coming in the next year or so, they do at least give you a bit more of a clearer direction.

MacBook … what MacBook?

…yeah, this one stings a little. We loved the 12 inch MacBook, but it’s fair to say it lacked a sense of punch. Whether it was an issue with Intels lack of Core M advancements, sales, or whether this is just a ruse whilst Apple plan the first infamous ARM based Mac, guess time will tell, but this is one thing we’re sad to see go.

MacBook Air

We’re gonna be honest with you, we still prefer the older Air, and this update doesn’t change that too much. But, despite this, it’s fairly simple to see why. When Apple updated the MacBook Air, it realistically was just a bigger 12 inch MacBook, though now that is gone, and Apple have taken the price down a bit, it’s now a bit more of a clearer choice.

The only major downside to Apple’s decisions with the 12 inch and the Air, is that Apple now no longer have a compact Notebook, sure the  dimensions have gone down thanks to bezel shrinking from the “butterfly keyboard” updates, though we kind of wish Apple would bring back the old 11 inch MacBook Air.

Apple have added True Tone to the MacBook Air, which, whilst isn’t as useful as on a Smartphone, is there as an option for those who desire.

Now starting at £1099, the new MacBook Air is now packing a 1.6Ghz Dual-Core 8th gen Intel Core i5 Processor, 8GB RAM, Touch ID and a rather tiny 128GB SSD, which can be doubled in capacity in the £1299 model.

MacBook Pro

This is less of an “updated” MacBook Pro, but Apple have definitely made some changes to the options you have, or at least in the 13 inch. Whilst the £1799 and higher configurations are literally unchanged, which makes sense, as they just were changed recently, Apple have added some lower tier options, all of which are now all-in on the Touchbar, so sorry to those who don’t like the Touchbar.

Apple previously had a MacBook Pro without Touchbar, which was less, but also you got less as it hasn’t had much of any update, now, Apple is doing this.

You now still get a Quad Core 8th gen Intel Core i5 MacBook Pro with Touchbar, T2 Chip and all the benefits on the more expensive model for now £1299, though there are some things that limit things slightly, namely the clock speed and a few others. A measly, on paper, 1.4GHz clock speed for the 8th gen i5 is listed, though it does Turbo close to the higher speed model and being Quad Core is a big step up from the prior non-Touchbar model. Other than that, its similar to Apple’s higher end 13 inch Pros, just with a tiny 128GB SSD for the £1299 model and 256GB for a new £1499, however at that point it’s questionable whether you’d be better going for the normal £1799 model, as you only have 2 Thunderbolt ports on the lower price model, rather than 3, a slightly worse integrated graphics and clockspeed on the CPU, so to us, only the £1299 is the one worth considering on the new updates.

Summary of the updates

Most people have had a lot of praise for these updates, whilst we’re not quite in that camp, we’re certainly not going to complain about price reductions.

It is important to note that NONE of these updated Macs have the rumoured update to the keyboard design Apple are expected to do, though they are at least using Apple’s latest “attempt” at the butterfly mechanism, but naturally worth keeping in mind.

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