Apple reportedly in talks to bring OLED displays to iPad and Mac for first time!

Whilst OLED technology is now the norm on Apple’s flagship iPhone models, it’s a notable absence on the companies other devices, but this may be about to change if a report is to be believed.

Just like with the iPhone, Apple is choosing Samsung for the displays, which could be included in a future iPad Pro, or most likely inside the expected future 16 inch MacBook Pro expected.

Apple’s less than expected sales of OLED iPhone’s is having a knock on effect

The story, however, isn’t that simple. Apple is naturally in a contract with Samsung when it comes to delivering the OLED displays that are supplied in the companies flagship, the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, as well as the previous iPhone X (which is still available at select retailers). The big issue, however, has been in demand by Samsung to pay a penalty to them due to much lower than expected sales in iPhone models, which has naturally had a knock on effect on Samsung’s business, as well as the fact Apple have sold more iPhone XR models, which don’t use Samsung’s OLED displays but an LCD.

Whilst it’s disappointing that iPhone sales haven’t been as high as normal, the idea of an OLED iPad, or MacBook laptop is definitely something we doubt anyone would really complain about. There’s already a number of OLED laptops out there, and all have beautiful displays, which almost make Apple’s retina displays on Macs look fairly outdated, and it’s not hard to imagine how even more sleek the iPad Pro would look supporting an OLED panel.

For now, though, time will tell what Apple do, though with demand from Samsung to find some use for the OLED investment made, it’s not too far fetched to expect not only an OLED iPhone XR later this year, but the use of OLED in more devices.

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