OnePlus 7 series bridge gap between affordable flagship and premium flagship!

It’s hard to deny that when it comes to companies that have being impressing us over the last few years in the Android space, that OnePlus wouldn’t be near top of that list. The companies ability to make “affordable flagships” that are also actually decent Smartphones is really incredible.

This year, however, with the OnePlus 7, it looks like this may becoming a slight decline from the affordable side of things, though the result of a premium Smartphone from OnePlus is nothing short of impressive.

Two sides of the OnePlus 7

As OnePlus is a company people have become to expect a certain budget from, the company has taken a rather smart approach when it comes to their line, and that’s by starting a OnePlus 7 series of devices. OnePlus have announced the regular OnePlus 7, as a incremental update to the companies 6T, with the same flagship insides, but then they’ve put out all the stops for the companies new more premium flagship, the OnePlus 7 Pro. The company also has plans for a 5G version coming as well.

OnePlus 7 Pro

Whilst the regular OnePlus 7, which we’ll touch on later, will be enough for most, it’s clear where all the companies efforts have gone this year, the OnePlus 7 Pro. Even including far more expensive flagships from the likes of Samsung, it’s hard to deny the OnePlus 7 Pro doesn’t just fit in that crowd now, but even offers things those don’t. However, the comparison against Samsung isn’t a difficult one when you check the front design of the OnePlus 7 Pro. Whilst Samsung didn’t “invent” the idea of curved displays at the front, it’s hard not to think Samsung Galaxy when you look at the sides of the device. That’s definitely not a bad thing, don’t get us wrong, but it’s rather funny how this has become to be.

Specifications range from the expected, to the crazy. The expected Snapdragon 855 is of course included in the device, Wi-Fi AC and Bluetooth 5, then we touch on two things, RAM and display. OnePlus always overkill when it comes to RAM, but the idea of up to 12GB of RAM on a Smartphone is definitely just one for the spec-sheet folk, but … guess it’s future proof? Where OnePlus have really pushed it out of the park is the display.

The OnePlus 7 Pro, like it’s predecessors features an OLED display, however where OnePlus have really gone above and beyond is in the refresh rate. Whilst this won’t be beating the 120Hz displays of Apple’s iPad Pro or Razer Phone, this phone does feature the largest currently possible refresh rate from an OLED Display, 90Hz. Whilst it may, initially, seem like you probably won’t be able to tell the difference between the refresh rates, just remember that’s a 50% increase in frames rendered on the display, plus when you consider Android’s already fluid animations, thanks in part to OnePlus’s more minimal Oxygen OS skin on Android, the end result is great. The display is also much more higher end than normal on a OnePlus display, with. 3120 x 1440 display, though with a 6.67 inch, this isn’t a small device, no matter how many bezels they want to shrink.

Speaking of which, this is another area the OnePlus 7 Pro display goes above and beyond, as it’s most likely one of the highest screen to body ratios you’re going to find on a Smartphone. This is mostly thanks to the inclusion of a motorised hidden Camera at the top of the device, though, yes, it does still have a chin which hurts our OCD as it was so close, but still impressive none the less.

OnePlus certainly aren’t “the first” to do this, but the effect of a pop-up Camera, you can’t deny, is still pretty incredible. Whilst it is more moving parts, which does create a sense of fragility to the device, it does allow the OnePlus 7 Pro to be one of not many Smartphones today with no notch, with the top of the displays edge being barely enough for the earpiece. As always with this solutions, the question of durability over time is still in doubt, whether things can get caught inside the mechanism, time will tell on that.

The pop up Camera isn’t the only Camera on the OnePlus 7 Pro, the company has also adopted a triple Camera system at the back. Despite this, however, it’s still a OnePlus phone when it comes to the Camera, which is to say it’s decent, but nothing too special, even if it is 48MP. Camera focus naturally on zoom.

Price and Summary of OnePlus 7 Pro

Probably the only things you won’t find when it comes to the OnePlus 7 Pro, is any form of Water resistance, and Wireless Charging. Now, for us, the lack of Wireless Charging is the killer in this one, especially as Water resistance is rarely utilised, but the fact that this, and, maybe, not the best Camera, are the only things we can take away from the OnePlus 7 Pro as cons, it just shows how great this phone is.

Comes at a cost though, though still a lot less than competing flagships, starting at just £649, this will get you 128GB of Storage and 6GB of RAM, though you might as well realistically go for the £699 model, which will double storage to 256GB and give you 8GB of RAM. The top spec £799 model which gives you 12GB of RAM, which even that is cheaper, or just about in line, with most flagships base models.


But, it doesn’t stop there, OnePlus also have the regular OnePlus 7;

This is the regular OnePlus 7, which will probably go down as one of quietest released flagships of 2019, likely due to the headline attention of the 7 Pro … suppose even we’re placing it low down on the list, yet this is our more favoured version.

The OnePlus 7 features the same Snapdragon 855, though backed up with 6 or  8GB of RAM, the same 48MP main Camera and just the one secondary Camera. The OnePlus 7 also features Stereo Speakers and the almost signature Teardrop notch up top.

The display on the regular OnePlus 7 is more inline with what you’d expect from the 6T, an OLED panel, regular 60Hz here, with a more 1080p line resolution. The display is also flat, not curved.

Other than that, though, the display and Camera, this is pretty much the same flagship in terms of internals and overall experience, which is actually pretty incredible considering this starts at £499. But, do remember, for that, you’re most likely going to have it mistaken for a 6T, though like the 6T, this is a great priced Smartphone.

OnePlus 7 is priced at £499 for 128GB and 6GB of RAM, with the option to upgrade to 256GB of Storage and 8GB of RAM for £549.

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