EE will be the UK’s first 5G network, launching May 30th!

At a press conference in London, EE finally announced when it would be launching it’s all new 5G Network to the public, and you haven’t got long to wait at all. EE will beat Vodafone to the punch with its 5G launch, launching on Thursday 30th May!

EE claims the 5G service will run alongside the companies existing 4G network, and, unlike a certain US Carrier, it will not be throttling it’s 4G service to make its 5G suddenly look fast with a specialised branding **cough AT&T cough**.

Vodafone has previously made a commitment to launch its 5G network this coming July, so EE won’t be alone in the 5G race for long.

EE’s Marc Allera, announced that it will be working with its partners Qualcomm, Samsung, Google, LG, OnePlus, Oppo, HTC and Huawei, on the launch of its network.

6 cities next week, 16 by end of 2019

EE’s 5G network will naturally be limited at launch, just the 6 cities at launch, and it doesn’t go up by much as we end 2019, to just 16, but it’s still pretty impressive we’ve got it in the UK this quick.

EE has already previously confirmed to be carrying the 5G variant of the Galaxy S10, with more devices still to be announced for its network.

Unlike its 4G launch in 2012, EE will be sticking to just Android devices, especially as Apple has no plans to launch a 5G iPhone not only this year, but even 2020, due to the Qualcomm debacle.

So, EE next Thursday, Vodafone July 3rd, all eyes are on O2 and Three for their 5G launch. Time will tell.

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