Google BANS Huawei from Android … No really, they did!

Huawei are soon to release their newest flagship, the P30 Pro

To say this wasn’t a good day for Huawei would be a BIG understatement. Whilst Huawei has been widely criticised for many for, essentially spying on us all, caught on many occasions, this will be the first blow the company will actually feel as it seems Google themselves has had enough! Trouble is, Google kinda own the OS Huawei phones need right now … so, what’s next?

FYI: This also includes Honor branded Smartphones, in which Huawei own!

But I have a Huawei, what’s next?

If you have a Huawei Smartphone, don’t worry, it’s not going to suddenly just not work, blow up and go Note 7 on you. Your Huawei Smartphone will continue to function as intended, in fact it’s less about the here and now, and more about going forward where things get more worrying for Huawei.

Whilst Google’s threat involves everything Google surrounding Android, this won’t impact existing users, so you will still be able to use Google Play Services, though the future of how long that is, as well as updates, remain both unknown and completely ceased.

What have Google banned?

In a nutshell, Huawei. OK, there’s more to Android than Google’s end, and Huawei could always go the AOSP route to keep using Android, but of course it’s not as simple as that in their now more populated English regions. Google has not only banned Google Play Services from future Huawei devices, but the apps and updates of existing devices!

Google services and apps like Gmail, YouTube, Chrome will disappear from future Huawei phones, as for those with Huawei phones now, you will still be able to use the Play Store and get apps and services, so the impact of this won’t be as immediate for you, BUT this could change at any moment, and updates to the Android OS will NOT happen anymore to Huawei devices either.

Huawei had a lot to say about the ban, as well as the US ban which triggered the move, stating;

Huawei “is heavily dependent on U.S. semiconductor products and would be seriously crippled without supply of key U.S. components,” said Ryan Koontz, an analyst with Rosenblatt Securities Inc. The U.S. ban “may cause China to delay its 5G network build until the ban is lifted, having an impact on many global component suppliers”

Not just Google

Chipmakers have also joined the fray, and not the small ones, we’re talking Qualcomm, Broadcomm and Intel! Just think about that for a second, the worlds most growing Smartphone manufacturer unable to use Qualcomm, Broadcomm or Intel hardware, or run Android with Play Services, this is a seriously big deal.

Huawei is said to already have been stockpiling chips to keep itself going for at least three months, but time will tell how this goes. The company is naturally hoping that, in the mean time, they can strike a cord with the US and sort the mess out, though, let’s be fair, as politically motivated as this maybe, they’ve kinda brought this on themselves.


It’s unclear how this will pan out for Huawei going forward, especially considering the fact that an attack like this so large in impact, is naturally going to get quite the, let’s call it, “reaction” from the Chinese government.

All we do know, is this is going to seriously hurt Huawei, but also, it’s going to hurt the market, as Huawei definitely has woke up a fairly stale market!

However, let’s not forget, now you’ve got over the headline, Google is just complying with the US law, and Google’s comment certainly doesn’t make it sound like they’re too pleased either;

”We are complying with the order and reviewing the implications”

That certainly doesn’t sound like a positive win from Google. So, whilst it’s Google doing the banning, it’s the US Government who are really behind it.

UPDATE: It’s been confirmed that to get around this ban, Huawei are planning their own Mobile OS that would have the ability to run Android apps. This doesn’t fix everything, however, as the company will not be able to use US companies equipment, plus with the addition of ARM to that list. But, a compromise could be found, though it will be difficult going forward.

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