Google brings their Health and Fitness app Google Fit app on iPhone, with Apple Health and Apple Watch integration!

In a surprise move by Google, the company has just launches it’s Google Fit app on to the iPhone for the first time. Google Fit, is a direct competitor to Apple’s Health on Android, so the move is rather confusing to bring it to iOS, especially when you consider it’s myriad of features … or is it?

Wear OS in mind

One thing you’ve to remember is that Google Wear devices also work on the iPhone, meaning such an app being natively available on the iPhone, means a better experience in using Google’s Watches on iOS, especially as Google Fit natively integrates and synchronises with both Apple’s Health app and even Apple Watch Workouts, which is a surprise.

Unlike Apple’s equivalents for the Apple Watch, Google Fit motivates it’s users via Move Minutes and Heart Points, which rotate around your face presenting your health activity. Whilst this is, by far, not as pretty looking as the Medals Apple gives its Apple Watch users, as far as functionality is concerned it’s pretty much the same thing. Though, it’s fair to say, Google will be happy to remind you that their service motivations are recognised by the American Heart Association and World Health Organisation.

The Google Fit app compiles all your Health activity within it’s own Journal, where you can keep track of all your activity throughout the day / week, this will now also include Apple Watch workouts as well, which is pretty impressive, as the Apple Health app will include Workouts from Google Fit.

The big question, why?

If you don’t have a Wear OS Smartwatch, then there’s honestly no real reason to download Google Fit from the App Store, other than curiosity, but if you do, this will be finally the much needed addition to iOS to keep track of all your Activities of your Wear OS device, as, let’s not forget, iOS is still fairly restrictive when it comes to third party devices.

The Google Fit app is available right here from the App Store.

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