O-oh, Samsung has delayed a Galaxy Fold launch Event in China, amid recent problems!

Galaxy Fold press image

MKBHD removes the protector

Stop us if you’ve seen this before. Samsung has decided to cancel, or at least postpone, a China launch event for the companies upcoming Galaxy Fold Smartphone. Whilst Samsung claim the reason for the Event cancellation is due to last minute problems with the venue, to say people ain’t buying that, is more than saying something.

We’ve covered, just a few, of the reports of certain Galaxy Fold devices having issues with their Displays, since being in the hand of reviewers, so a cancellation of a launch event coming days afterwards, despite the excuse, seems ever so slightly too convenient of a decision, which let’s be fair, would be a smart one if they admitted it was due to these issues.

Is the Galaxy Fold Cancelled? No.

Something we’re starting to see on Twitter, and other places, is people presuming that due to this the Galaxy Fold is cancelled, it’s not! Samsung has yet to claim that the Galaxy Fold is remotely cancelled at all.

The only thing we do know is Samsung is “investigating” the recent reports of display issues with the Fold, though as for a cancel of the device, that has not happened.

Should it be cancelled? It depends…

Samsung is currently investigating the recent display issues from a collection of reviewers, many who have publicly shared their problems, as well as many who haven’t, and that is the key point to keep in mind when it comes to whether this device should be cancelled.

Should Samsung do a Note 7, investigate the issues, release new versions that still have the problems, or not find a solution at all, then yes the Fold should be cancelled, or delayed if they’re going to take time to fix them.

However, if they can fix the problems, why cancel it. The Galaxy Fold is some pretty impressive hardware, and it’s almost vital that it does go well, as well as the Mate X, as products like this push the industry forward.

Casing point, we wait, just a lot more nervously than we were originally expecting.

Should I cancel my pre-order on the Fold?

If you were already willing to pay the price for the Galaxy Fold, you’re clearly a technology enthusiast. Do we think you should cancel your pre-order, honestly no. If Samsung can’t fix the problems they’ve being investigating, they’ll cancel the Fold and you’ll be refunded anyway.

Unlike the Note 7, the Fold isn’t yet on sale for consumers just yet, though is by the end of the week, meaning even if the problems aren’t resolved in a week or so, you’re within return policy, you’ve checked the device out which you wanted to do anyway, so we can’t see an issue.

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