Apple sneaks out two all new iPads, a new iPad Air and iPad Mini 5!

Apple just updated their Apple Store, out of the blue, today, and, with it, updated two of their iPad lineups. Both iPad lines Apple updated now feature the same A12 processor found in the iPhone XS, so it’s fair to say these are very capable iPads, but, Apple, of course, didn’t stop there.

iPad Air (technically iPad Air 3)

It’s been a while since we’ve had an iPad use the “Air” brand, but it’s back and in a very good way. The, still available, lower cost iPad doesn’t have a laminated display, this does, that iPad doesn’t have some of the latest fast internals, this does, we think it’s fair to say this is a pretty decent improvement, and for £479, we’re actually impressed!

As you may have also noticed, this is the first iPad that supports both an Apple Pencil (first generation though), as well as an Apple Smart Keyboard. This is quite surprising as those were the two things that differentiated an “iPad” from an “iPad Pro”, but Apple today have the bezel less displays to differentiate, plus the second generation Apple Pencil support on the newer iPad Pros.

The iPad Air comes in both 64GB and 256GB flavours, and, as we mentioned, features the beastly A12 processor from the iPhone XS / XR, though backed up by 3GB of RAM instead of the Pros 4GB.

The new iPad Air also has a 10.5 inch display, similar to that of the older iPad Pro 10.5 inch, though it’s important to mention, this does not have ProMotion, that too, remains an iPad Pro feature.

Check out the new iPad Air here!

iPad Mini 5 (it’s back!!!)

If Apple only updated the iPod touch, then they really would have put it out the park, but they did better than that and updated the infamous iPad mini, and, it’s actually really good! Sure, the design is the same, it doesn’t support any form of Smart Keyboard like the Air and Pros do, but everything else, it’s got! Yes, you can get an iPad mini with the Apple A12 Processor, this is easily the biggest overnight upgrade any iOS device has ever had.

One thing that’s really exciting about the iPad mini, is its inclusion of Apple Pencil support. Sure, it’s the first generation one, not the newest, but this is a big deal. It’s such a small device, which in most cases is perfect for some up-close drawings.

The iPad mini 5 is also Apple’s cheapest A12 device, coming in at just £399, which honestly for what you’re getting is a pretty good deal.

Check out iPad mini 5 here!

Both devices are available today from the Apple Store

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