Samsung Galaxy S10 is a lot of good, however, Galaxy Fold is not!

Unless you’ve been living under a truck recently, you’ve probably heard Samsung has a new phone out, which joins another, which joins another … which joins something rather silly … we’re of course talking about the Galaxy S10 line of Smartphones, and the gimmick they threw in at the end. Long story short on the Galaxy S10 line, honestly, we’re big fans of the devices, but let’s dig a little deeper before we draw too many conclusions, then we’ll get to that other thing they announced.

Three versions. Three price points. Three sizes

We’d love to see the day Samsung just releases a single Smartphone, this ain’t that day, but it’d be interesting to see them dare. The Galaxy S10 line comprises of three different models; The Galaxy S10e (left), just the Galaxy S10 (middle), and the Galaxy S10 Plus (right). Whilst, naturally, they differ in screen size, rising from 5.8 inch on the S10e, to 6.1 on the S10, then up to 6.4 inch on the S10 Plus, Samsung have made a lot more differences to these devices, which need mentioning.

Galaxy S10e is the “budget” option

Just like when Apple released the original iPhone X, Samsung have finally reached that point where they wish to release flagships that start over £1,000, but at least they’re learning early, that most folks kinda like a lower priced option, this comes in the form of the Galaxy S10e. The S10e, however, does make a few sacrifices to be priced at it’s “lower”, at least in comparison, price point;

  • Capacitive Fingerprint scanner on right Side button – This is aside from the in-display Fingerprint scanner on S10/S10+
  • Lesser quality display – Flat display with thicker side bezels and lower resolution than other S10 models (though still OLED)
  • Lacks Telephoto Camera

What’s the price point, well, the same as the iPhone XR, Samsung are literally price matching the XR in most markets ($750).

Despite lacking a Telephoto Camera, and being same price as a single rear lens XR, the Galaxy S10e has a dual Camera setup at the back, featuring the usual wide-angle lens options.

Galaxy S10e will be available soon starting at £669 SIM Free!

Galaxy S10 is the mainstream option

The traditional Galaxy S10 is the one you’re most likely to see flaunted around, it features an in-built Fingerprint reader inside the display, which itself is curved as is the case of all Samsung flagships for a long while. One thing we are disappointed about, is the lack of uniformity on the displays, even Samsung has a larger chin than forehead, some don’t see but we do, and it’s not great.

The Galaxy S10 features three Cameras at the back, the main shooter, the same wide-angle lens as the 10e, as well as a new Telephoto lens, something typically found in LG phones, which is nice to see in Samsung devices.

Galaxy S10 will be available soon starting at £799 SIM Free!

Galaxy S10 Plus is the for the pros

The Galaxy S10 Plus is the big one, it’s the one you’re going to be noticed using, but, for a change, it’s not necessarily the all-out “best” one, as it shares a feature parody with the traditional Galaxy S10, aside from the screen size, which we’re a big fan of, as it’s pretty rubbish that some manufactures make you go for the larger device to get all the features. Where that point slides is when you realise all the Galaxy S10 variants are larger.

However, even with their lack of display uniformity, it’s hard to argue these aren’t a massive step up from the S9.

Galaxy S10 Plus will be available soon starting at £899 SIM Free!

What’s powering them

No matter which Galaxy S10 you choose, you’ll find either a Snapdragon 855, or Samsung’s latest Exynos processor inside depending on market, as well as some generous amount of RAM, 8GB base RAM on the S10 and S10 Plus, which is pretty much more than you need, but when it comes to Android, it’s always better to have too many, than too little, just ask any Pixel 3 owner.

One thing we will say about the Galaxy S10 line up, we ironically prefer the S10e, maybe it’s just us but it has that charm the other two lack, though I’m sure we’ll change our minds once we have them to hold.

Samsung’s Galaxy S10 lineup are coming to Stores in the coming weeks.


Samsung Galaxy Fold


Believe it or not, we wanted to be impressed by the Galaxy Fold, we wanted to look at it, like it, and eat our words when we boasted about how much we want that mortgage required to afford one … but, we can’t.

*As you’ve probably noticed, we glanced past the S10 stuff as we’ve a lot more to say about this*

The problem with the Galaxy Fold isn’t what it does, it’s what it doesn’t do, and that’s a much larger list. Foldable Smartphones are as in-practical as it gets, and the Galaxy Fold demonstrates that perfectly, but it’s also just unfinished. The display in its tablet mode, if you want to call it that, has a massive, and we mean massive, side notch which you cannot unseeded, then when you close the device, you ironically get the most oldest looking phones on the market.

It’s worth noting, that is NOT a cropped display when it’s closed, that is how small the display panel is in there. Look, we get that building two displays within their own innards is difficult, but if its that difficult, don’t do it. This is before we touch on the fact this will cost you $2,000 base price … yeah, base price. What’s also concerning, is many who were at the event were already noticing creases on the display.

We ain’t a fan.

If you are a fan of this monstrosity, you can check it out at Samsung’s website right here.

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