Some iPhone models on iOS 12.2 beta 2 begin seeing “fake 5Ge” icon from US Carrier AT&T!

We reported, a few weeks back, that US Carrier AT&T was beginning to rollout new 5G icons to a selection of Android manufactures, branded 5Ge, or “5G Evolution”, as AT&T call it. Fact it, though, it isn’t 5G at all, it’s the same 4G LTE connection you’ve been getting before the update to show such icon.

As we mentioned, in our previous article, such behaviours isn’t anything new, multiple Carriers, back in the day, showed faked 4G icons, when Customers were actually using HSPA+ coverage, which is still 3G, this became branded “faux-G”. The “faux-G” was even adopted by UK Carriers, such as EE, during the early stages of their rollout of the UK’s, at the time, first 4G network.

Now, it would seem, the same trickery is now present in the latest beta release of iOS 12.2, with the same 5Ge icon appearing!

We reiterate what we said before about this, on why it’s such a big deal to call companies out like this, this isn’t 5G, you know this, we know this, but it’s not people like us we’re worried about, it’s the everyday consumer who wouldn’t have a clue, getting duped by Carriers.

AT&T claim “5G Evolution” is the “first step on the road to 5G”, so even there they’re admitting it’s not fully 5G;

How are we doing it? With enhancements like carrier aggregation to add more “lanes” to the highway that data travels on. 4×4 MIMO to double the number of antennas that can send data back and forth. And 256 QAM to make data transmission more efficient. All this adds up to faster speeds for you.


Rightfully so, other Carriers have begun mocking AT&T, most notedly T-Mobile US, who tweeted an iPhone showing 4G, and added a sticker on top showing 9G, which is, of course a joke, but at the same time is the same as what they’re doing with this. It is mentioning, however, T-Mobile US also did the “faux-G” trick way back when, so not fully innocent there.

Real 5G, as in, you know, the one that’s actually 5G, is expected to launch later in 2019 in select markets and Countries. Apple themselves have no plans on launching a 5G iPhone in 2019, though 2020 is the rumoured expectancy they will, once more Network availability is available.

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