VIVO shows off a Smartphone with NO Ports and Full-Screen Fingerprint Reader

The brand VIVO may sound familiar to some, when it comes to crazy Smartphone concepts, as we featured a previous VIVO Apex device, which, at the time, had the thinnest bezels of any Smartphone at the time, and a in-display Fingerprint scanner, now, VIVO are back with an all new Apex for 2019, and they’ve a whole collection of tricks up their sleeve.

One thing you’ll notice from the previous Apex device, the bezels are much more uniform and rounded, the design is far less boxy, however, one thing from the Apex of before you won’t find, is the slide-up Front-facing Camera, which is both a shame, and a surprise, considering how much they showed that off last year at MWC. The device does feature a dual-Camera system at the back at least, though no specifics on that have been announced.

That’s not to say the Apex 2019 isn’t something to behold, you’ve the first Smartphone with Qualcomm’s X50 5G modem, and latest chipset with the upcoming Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 with 256GB of storage and just a crazy 12GB RAM to boot.

Not a single port in sight

The VIVO Apex 2019 is Water and Dust resistant, probably rather easily so, as you won’t find a headphone jack, which is common affair, but you also won’t find a traditional charger either on the device. In fact the one visible “hole” on the device, is the microphone. Sound, if you’re wondering, is projected through the display.

… Well, their is one port. You’ll find a Magnetic charger, somewhat akin to Apple’s old Magsafe chargers, which you use for “Wireless USB”, as well as charging. VIVO haven’t mentioned anything about Wireless Charging, which leads us to believe it’s not included, but hopefully.

Full-screen Fingerprint scanner

Last year VIVO’s device shown off had an in-display Fingerprint scanner, however, it was only at the bottom in a software registered location, however, this year, VIVO have gone as far as you can go, a Full-Screen Fingerprint scanner! It doesn’t matter where you put your Finger, you can unlock with a Registered Fingerprint, which is incredible!

VIVO are expected to be showing this off at MWC, just like last year, and we can’t wait to see that in action!

Body sound-casting Technology!

We mentioned earlier that the VIVO Apex 2018 doesn’t have any Speaker grills, and produces sound from the display, VIVO are calling this, “body sound-casting technology”, but, regardless of what they call it, this is pretty impressive stuff. The entire OLED display on the VIVO, will vibrate and emit sound from within itself, rather than requiring a Speaker grill. This technology has been used previously for Earpieces, but will be interesting to see how it works for full-on audio.

We’re expecting to hear a lot more about the upcoming VIVO Apex 2019 at Mobile World Congress in February, and we’ll be equally as interesting in it, as last years, until then time will tell. Just like last year, this is a Concept Smartphone, but last year, versions of the technology used did make it to consumers, so we will see. Our favourite feature versus last year, is the design, it looks incredible, but it’s definitely a device with many questions unanswered. It will be interesting to see if the in-display Fingerprint Scanner can work without emitting a blinding light, or just how good the display-based Speaker is. Many questions, and we can’t wait to get them answered.


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