Report suggests Apple could be working on a 7th-generation iPod touch!

It’s hard not to feel rather nostalgic talking about the possibility of an update to the iPod touch, but, if a report comes through, we could be seeing the first update to iPod touch since 2015!

The current iPod touch, last updated in 2015

According to new information shared today by Japanese site Mac Otakara, Apple have begun working on the next generation of iPod touch, however, the company is allegedly at very early stages. Considering that Apple’s current, still on sale by the way, iPod touch is running an A8 processor, an update is more than overdue! We find this rather ironic considering Apple seem to be hiding the iPod touch from its website the best way they can, but we’re in if they do it! With talk of Apple also bringing life to the iPad mini as well, it would seem 2019 could be the year of bringing back the old.

An iOS USB-C Future?

Whilst an updated iPod touch doesn’t really need too much to be worth it more than the current one, an A10 would be great to see, one thing that Apple could do, according to the report, is use USB-C on the iPod touch.

Apple already begun using USB-C on the latest iPad Pro, obviously on Macs, so the idea isn’t too farfetched to be fair.

As of right now, however, Apple are reportedly barely at the final design phases for the updated iPod touch, so time will tell whether Apple stick to Lightning or go with USB-C.

Just keep in mind, these are reports, but we certainly hope they come through, we’d love an updated iPod touch, so here’s hoping.

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