Apple launch new Smart Battery Cases for iPhone XS, XS Max and XR!

iPhone XS Smart Battery Case, also available in White

Apple has today begun selling all-new Smart Battery Cases for their latest collection of iPhone models, notably the iPhone XS, XS Max as well as the iPhone XR. The cases are intended to increase the battery of your iPhone model, whilst also offering additional Qi support, even whilst connected to the iPhone.

Apple previously only made a Battery Cover for the iPhone 7, such case is still on sale for £99, coming in White, Black and Red, which was also compatible with iPhone 8. It’s unclear, at this early stage, whether iPhone X users will be able to use the new iPhone XS Case, though we can’t see why not.

The cases are fairly pricy, coming in at £129, regardless of whether you go for the XS, XS Max or the iPhone XR, and come in Black or White. It’s a bit disappointing Apple didn’t opt for more colour options for the iPhone XR, but them the breaks.

Battery claims

As with any battery cover, you should expect a boost in Battery Life, and these are no different;

  • Apple is promising an iPhone XS offers an additional 33 hours of talk time, 21 hours of internet use and 25 hours of video playback.
  • Apple is promising an iPhone XS Max offers an additional 37 hours of talk time, though interestingly slightly less than the XS on internet use with 20 hours, though video playback the same 25 hours.
  • Apple is promising an iPhone XR offers an additional 39 hours of talk time, 22 hours of internet use and up to 27 hours of video playback. As if the XR wasn’t a battery beast already.

The Smart Battery Cases are also Qi certified, so should you put your iPhone, with its case, on a Wireless Charger, they will charge, and does support USB-PD compatible chargers for “faster charging” as well. Though, to charge the case separately, and quicker, a Lightning port is still placed at the bottom.

It’s worth noting, unlike other Battery Cases, Apple’s is optimised with iOS software to reduced the negative effects on the battery as much as possible, and is integrated. Having said that, it will be up to you whether the rather steep asking price is enough for that to justify the price!

You can find iPhone XS Battery Case here!

You can find iPhone XS Max Battery Case here!

You can find iPhone XR Battery Case here!

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