Samsung leaks new Galaxy M Smartphone, featuring OnePlus-style Teardrop Notch!

The Galaxy M series of Samsung Smartphones has been a rather speculative collection for some time now, but, it seems that’s no longer the case, as Samsung India has teased the Smartphone line, including main features and release!

The Galaxy M series of Samsung Smartphones is rumoured to contain 3 main models, the M10, M20 and M30, and they’re expected to be quite the decent mid-ranger devices. What’s interesting about them, is that they will be the first Samsung devices to feature a more conventional “notch” design. Samsung has previously shown off their visions for the future of the “Infinity displays”, but it seems these devices will be going more conventional using Samsung’s “Infinity V” design language.

It’s, as of yet, unclear whether the Galaxy M series of Smartphones will end up with a chin, would be nice if they didn’t, would be nice if Apple wasn’t the only ones that seem to be doing that, but based on the S10 leaks including a chin it’s doubtful. Surrounding the “notch” area is the front-facing Camera, and it seems the earpiece has been pushed to the top edge. Design of the devices shown strike a very iPhone 6 / XR approach on the edges, with a OnePlus front. The back of the devices is fairly minimal with an interesting finger-shaped Fingerprint scanner.

With battery capacities expected to be as larger as 5,000mAh, which is just insane on any mid-range Smartphone, it’s clear that battery capacity is a great selling point for these devices, with “3X Faster Charging” to keep the large capacity filled. Add to that a dedicated wide-angle second Camera, and what Samsung brand a “powerful processor to keep up your game”, these could be pretty decent Smartphones for many out there.

The Galaxy M series of Samsung Smartphones are expected to be unveiled on January 28th, and we’ll be keeping a close eye and will be back when everything is known.

You can see the full info-graph from Samsung below;

Image courtesy of Samsung India

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