Sony show off giant 98-inch 8K TV!

Sony was rather quiet at this years CES 2019, whether that’s due to their more lacking announcements, or just being out shadowed by the overwhelming announcements from rival manufactures, but Sony did announce something that got quite a bit of attention, this, a 98-inch … you read that right, a 98-inch 8K TV!

Whilst Sony also announced some beautiful OLED TVs, including a still massive 77-inch OLED TV, but to be the star of any show at CES, you’ve to go over the top, and, we think this suffices!

This is the Sony Z9G, an 8K TV from Sony which certainly doesn’t come small! The TV comes in either 85-inch or a massive 98-inch, which is just insane! Whilst the viewing angles won’t compete with Sony’s OLED offerings, as, well, these are LCD due to their hefty size and the 8K requirement, if you want OLED, Sony did announce a collection of 4K OLED TVs in their A9G range at 55, 65 and 77 inch sizes shown up top in the feature image.

The Z9G is Sony’s first ever consumer available 8K TV, and to keep it at its best, Sony has used multiple systems to maintain the best quality possible out of the 33 million pixels the TV is made out of, using a custom algorithm;

A unique algorithm specially developed for 8K that can intelligently detect and analyse each object in the picture, resulting in exceptional detail and contrast for a more realistic picture that represents the creators’ intent.


As you’d expect the TV uses similar algorithmic technologies to upscale your content to the 8K to look its best. The TV is also designed in such a way, being almost bezel-less, that Sony claim should you mount the TV, it’s designed so it appears to be simply floating on the wall, “leaving only the brilliance of its picture” … ok Sony!

Sony hasn’t yet announced final pricing or release details for the latest additions to their Master Series of TVs, but we’d imagine, like all headline TVs at CES 2019, it to cost quite a bit!

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