Sony announces a Party Speaker, which includes cup holders for your Beer!

In a world where Bluetooth speakers are more or less everywhere, Sony has decided to take the unique approach by offering a Bluetooth speaker with a specific target market in mind … a drunken party? Sony’s new GTK-PG10, is a Bluetooth speaker with a difference, not only does it offer great sound quality, a very decent 13 hours of battery life, but 4 cup holders perfectly apt to fit your latest beverage!

The speaker certainly looks the part, with a beefy woofer and dual tweeters, you could say the design is very, how do you say, industrial, but if what you’ve been looking for is this, then we guess that doesn’t matter.

When closed, the speaker has two useful handles at each side, but, of course when you open them flaps is when this speaker really shows its true self;

When you put this $250 speaker in to its dedicated “outdoor party mode”, you’ve a higher powered amp which activates, which adapts the speaker for the outdoors, as well as a top, which, thankfully, is splash resistant, for those clumsy drunk moments I’m sure, houses 4 cup holders to place your party beverage, whatever that may be.

The speaker supports Audio in via both USB and a 3.5mm headphone jack, but Sony expects most will use the Bluetooth technology built in to the Speaker. The device also supports an FM Radio, should you really just want it as a background Audio device.

No word on the release date of this, rather interesting, Speaker, from Sony, but it’s definitely something to look out for when it does.

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