HP to be first to deliver 15-inch 4K OLED Display Technology to Notebooks!

We think it’s fair to say, OLED technology is incredible for many things, it delivers on far vibrant colours, the deepest possible blacks, and the Technology has resulted in the best looking TVs and some incredible Smartphone and Tablet displays.

However, one area OLED technology hasn’t seemed to make it, is a 15 inch Laptop computer, the technology has previously been reserved for the more smaller Computers in the 12 inch space … until now!

HP Spectre x360

Announced first, so technically they were first, is this, the HP Spectre x360. This sleek Ultrabook is officially the first ever Notebook PC with a 15 inch AMOLED Display, and what a Computer to debut the technology on. HP’s Spectre line has always delivered on futuristic design, and an OLED display couldn’t be a more perfect fit for the Notebook.

The display delivers a far greater level of colours, 33% more than the sRGB standard on LCD Notebooks, and, being OLED, expect an incredible contrast ratio, 100,000:1.

OLED technology is typically very good for battery life, so will be interesting to see if it can live up to the 17.5 hours of claimed battery life of previous x360 models.

The Notebooks aren’t going to be slouches either, supporting the latest Intel Core i7, and options for either Nvidia or AMD graphics to boot. Pricing and availability is, as of yet unclear, but March 2019 seems to be the date of note at the moment.

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