Dell, joining HP, to bring 4K OLED Displays to their XPS, Alienware and G Laptops!

It didn’t take too long, after HP announced to be the first to deliver a 15 OLED Notebook, for Dell to step in and announced that they too will be offering a collection of Notebooks with the latest 15 inch OLED Displays on their future Notebooks.

Dell announced they would be bringing the technology to their next XPS 15 model (shown below), their Alienware gaming PCs, as well as their next G line of Laptops.

It’s unclear the disparities between the OLED panel used on HPs x360, and the one Dell showed off, though the display does sound very similar, though Dell shared more information about their panel, outside of the 100,000:1 contrast ratio.

Dell claim the OLED model of the XPS 15 covers the full DCI-P3 colour gamut, and will fully support HDR content. Dell was also happy to announce that their existing OLED Laptop, the Alienware 13, would be getting a 15 inch counterpart real soon.

Like HP, the tech seems to be available in March 2019, and will be coming to the XPS 15, as well as the Alienware G15, as well as the m15, which is expected to also feature an incredible 240Hz display option!

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