LG announces an incredible roll-up 4K OLED TV … yes, you read that correctly!

Yes, there’s a TV in there!

CES 2019 may have only just begun, and you may have thought you’d seen it all in terms of Technology, especially in TVs, but LG has done it again with this, their OLED TV R, a Rollable TV that will be available for Consumers this year! Will it be incredibly expensive, of course, is it still incredible technology, definitely!

GIF: The Verge

Of course that’s sped up, but just the idea that a full 4K OLED TV can bend in to a base which closes at the bottom is a pretty impressive feat in itself, of course how it lasts over time is something we won’t know until later in its lifespan. Of course these are going be very large TVs, this ones 65 inch, but the fact that you can literally hide them in such a way they’d look like a Table is just incredible.


Featuring full Dolby Atmos support for Audio, it’s only natural that such a TV should adapt, so LG have gone that step further by allowing the TV to drop down with the TV ever so slightly remaining visible, just enough, to display Audio information, as you use it to play Music. LG have also added mood-setters, which we doubt most in the real world will use, these include noises such as rain and crackling fireplace, but, if that takes your fancy then the options there!

Being an LG TV, it’s going to be Smart, featuring all of LGs latest Smart offerings, which now include the ability to support Apple’s AirPlay 2 and HomeKit technology from the TV, as prior announcement.


Such a TV needs to be seen to be truly experienced, and, as you can see from this video from The Verge, it truly is an incredible TV.

Price and availability

You know the saying, if you’re wondering how much it is, it probably means you can’t afford it? Well, considering LG “wallpaper” OLED TV prototype was expected to be $8,000, we’re betting it’s going to be definitely a pretty penny that’s for sure! For now, only LG knows the price of the TV, and we just know it’s impressive technology!

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