Samsung Note 9 + Battery … yep, you guessed it!

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 Smartphone is quite the Smartphone, got the latest  innovations from Samsung, be it in a Smartphone that’s more or less the same as the S9 before it, but overall, a positive addition to Samsung’s lineup. 

Of course the name “Note” has quite a few alarm bells in terms of recent history with Samsung, but we’re past that, right? The Note 8 was fine, everything’s good, we would NEVER return to the Note 7 debacle right … right?

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Battery Explodes in Women’s Handbag

Yeah … we’re here again.

Despite Samsung Mobile chief DJ Koh claiming the battery was safe, claiming, “The battery in the Galaxy Note 9 is safer than ever — Users do not have to worry about the batteries anymore”, well, turns out you might still after all.

Samsung hopes users will forget all about the Note 7, so doesn’t mention it

Samsung’s previous woes were with the companies Note 7 Smartphone, a Smartphone, interestingly, the company conveniently misses out of spec info graphs, as you can see above.

However, it’s important to remember one thing before we get to the story. The Note 7 had A LOT of reports of Smartphone batteries exploding, the Note 9 has ONE. That’s a huge thing of note, as let’s not beat around the bush here, you can find reports of iPhone models, Google’s Pixels, LG, Sonys, you name it, exploding in isolated cases. Obviously, with Samsung’s Note series of devices, they’ve more of a history in this, but we though we’d clear that up.

Full report

The women in question, a retail estate agent Diane Chung, was the victim of the report, and, according to NYPost, has already sued Samsung for the incident, which was as follows.

Diane reports, her Note 9 “became extremely hot”, on September 3rd, whilst she was in an elevator. The Smartphone itself was in her bag, however, upon attempting to get the device out, “she heard a whistling and screeching sound and she noticed thick smoke” coming from where the phone was contained.

Naturally, wishing to find out what was going on, she went to get the Smartphone out of her bag, burning her fingers in the process. Baring in mind, she was still in an elevator, Diane claims that she “extremely panicked”, and understandably so. She was smashing buttons on the elevator, as the thick smoke began to fill the elevator making it hard to see.

The phone was kicked out of the elevator, once at the lobby to do so, at which point it was carefully placed in a bucket of water. She claims, the fire left her unable to contact clients, naturally ruining everything else in her bag.

Should sales continue for the Note 9? We say yes, for now

Diane claims that Samsung “should have known” that Note 9 devices were defective, and is ordering that the Smartphones are ceased from sale, but we just want to zoom out and get a reality check for a moment.

Whilst it’s entirely understandable that Diane is traumatised in this situation, as we mentioned earlier, this isn’t just a Samsung thing, and, no single device has EVER been dropped from sale after one single incident. 

Naturally, Samsung were quick to get a response to the media, stating they “have not received any reports of similar incidents involving a Galaxy Note9 device and we are investigating the matter”.

But! We stand by what we said, this is an unfortunate situation for all involved, and couldn’t be worse for Samsung, in terms of press, but we wouldn’t stop recommending the Note 9, or expect any ceasing of sale of the devices.

Obviously, just like with the Note 7, if many more reports come through, that will change, but for now, this is just a single case.

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