An update on Tech posts

MAY 11TH 2018

RKUK Media is a media company that are continuing to aim higher in the media concept of the companies name. To do this RKUK has and intends to make more partnerships with other networks in the field to produce entertainment for the RKUK Media website.

Update on the lack of posts over the last few days

Those who regularly view the RKUK Media website may have noticed a slight decline in new content over the course of the last few weeks, and we just want to update everyone on what’s going on.

RKUK Media have being covering technology since back in 2005, and, it remains a big focus that we continue the legacy created by embracing it with our content. We’re proud that we’ve always shared our opinions, back-tracked if wrong, though continued to shy away from unfair bias against any one company etc.

In a hope to embrace technology in a way we see fit, we are going to be making some significant changes to how we post technology posts from this July, this is a change which we feel will add an extra breadth of personality to our posts, outside of the usual “here’s a product, what it does, and what it says on the label” kind of posts, which are becoming more and more common place online.

Changes coming

Nearly all technology posts on RKUK Media have been posted by Ben, however some posts are guest submissions, posted by others etc, however credit is never shared, for the obvious reason that the posts themselves hold little, to no, personal value. We’re not saying they’re generic, they do offer honest views and critique where necessary, but they don’t do what we’ve being wanting to see from the posts we share.

Starting in July, as mentioned, which will be after the 2nd of the year ‘Top 5 Smartphones You Can Buy Right Now’, we will be beginning the change, where we will become I, as we begin making Technology on RKUK Media much more personal. This not only allows us to further explain our options and reasonings behind it, but it allows us to justify them perfectly. Plus, it’s fairly obvious that whilst our approach of being un-bias against anything revolves around us treating every product fairly, everyone has a bias view, and by making our posts more personal those will be much more clearer and visible for those looking for posts which may relate to them or not.

You can’t cater for all, but we’ll try

Whilst it may seem obvious, by making posts more personal, we hold a risk of isolating people who share views different to ours, makes sense right? Well, here is where we’re going to attempt to be different in that regard.

Whilst most websites who adopt this model, would just to preference a certain side, this is something we’re not going to do. For example with Smartphones, we’re not going to go, “we prefer iOS to let’s stop writing Android posts”, or “Android is better than iOS so why post iOS”, we’re covering everything and all posts will be fair, detailed, nothing important missed, and anything stated as option will be obviously visible to see, separated from fact.

Until then…

As we mentioned, we’re beginning the transition, which will go in full affect this coming July, specifically mid-July, however despite this we will be beginning some essences of the changes in the meantime as we end out our ‘The Tech Show’ brand, and brand is the last thing that will change as well. Technology posts on RKUK Media will be “technology posts on RKUK Media”, not this is a ‘The Tech Show’ post.

Posts will be resumed and caught up over the next few days, including our IO coverage, which will be our first personal touch coverage of an event, so we hope you like that, a beta, if you will, of what’s to come.

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RKUK Media ia a corporation based in West Yorkshire, UK. The web-based company now contains hundreds of technology and entertainment posts for anyone to enjoy at a non profit level.

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