Apple announce updated low-cost iPad and a few benefits for students at Education Event 2018 … though not much else

Apple is a victim of many things, and if there’s something it’s a victim of over the last few years it’s over-expectancy. Think it’s a fair assessment to say folks were expecting an event, similar to the one Apple had pretty much this time last year, where they announced the lower cost iPad, iPhone SE, red iPhone 7 and the Clips app. This year, they went a lot less on the announcement front, if anything, disappointed pretty much everyone in the process.

Updated iPad (£329 for you and me, £30 less for Students)

When you write the difference in price, it really does look like a fairly pitiful discount doesn’t it, but they did give more for students, which we’ll get to shortly, first, the iPad update.

Take away the whole, “this is for students” lark away from the new iPad and you’ll be faced with no surprises at all, the update internals are the A10 Fusion from the iPhone 7, which yes at this price is a very powerful processor and more than capable of performing like a champ in everything an iPad requires.

Thanks to adopting the A10 Fusion, the iPad now supports AR functionality, functionality previously exclusive to the iPad Pro, a trend you’re going to start to see crop up a lot on the new iPad. Whilst the Camera may not be the most up to date ever, an 8MP shooter with 1080p video, for AR it’s perfectly ample, and a 5MP front sensor is, again, ample, for FaceTime calls. We will continue the talk that no one should use a tablet as a Camera.

Whilst the lower-cost iPad now has Apple Pencil support from the iPad Pro, it didn’t gain the Smart Connector, so no support for Apple’s own keyboard, but naturally supports Bluetooth, so you will be able to still type on a physical keyboard, as you can with all iPads, model shown is a Logitech keyboard accessory shown off at the event.

Apple Pencil with the iPad Pro, now works with the new lower-cost iPad

Apple also announced a number of applications will be getting full Apple Pencil support, which naturally is good for the new iPad, but also for existing iPad Pro customers with one, these apps include the entire iWork Suite (catching up to Microsoft Office iPad apps finally), Garageband, iMovie and naturally more from third parties.

The iPad also supports LTE, naturally will come at a cost, and will be available in a base 32GB storage capacity, with a 128GB version. However, if that storage isn’t enough, Apple did announce something they’re doing extra for students, which is actually good!

iCloud Storage buff for any qualifying Students / Education

Apple typically offers 5GB of free iCloud storage to any iCloud account for free, before naturally offering upgrades for either 50GB for 79p, 200GB for £2.49 and 2TB for £6.99 per month. Whilst these prices aren’t terrible, they’re not exactly great either, however Apple are offering a very sizeable free upgrade for all qualifying students with iPads, as the company will be offering 200GB of iCloud storage for free which is actyaly pretty awesome thanks to iOS 11’s Files app, so regardless of which iPad you purchase, you’ll have more than enough storage to store everything you need to for your “studies”.

What Apple didn’t give you on the new iPad

The new iPad was pretty much the only thing Apple did announce at the Education Event, and it’s fair to say it fell short of the need of an Event in our opinion. Whilst it offers many things, most would look at the iPad Pro for, it’s clear that many things just didn’t make it;

  1. ProMotion
  2. Wide colour P3 display
  3. True Tone
  4. Smart Connector
  5. OIS in Camera
  6. 4K video in Camera
  7. Second-gen Touch ID

Having said that, the new iPad is still a great entry level iPad for those looking for an updated model, it still offers everything most use iPads for, however, we continue to question where it benefits any student over an actual Computer.

Other outside announcements


When Apple announced the iMac Pro, it came with exclusive Space Grey variants of the Magic Keyboard, which in itself featured a numeric keypad which wasn’t available Wirelessly until later after the announcement in white, Magic Trackpad and Magic Mouse. But now, you can purchase them separately, however for quite an inflated price, even compared to the white models and definitely not worth the investment.

  • Magic Keyboard Space Grey = $149
  • Magic Trackpad Space Grey = $149
  • Magic Mouse Space Grey = $99

Apple also announced a whole new range of cases and bands for iPhone and Apple Watch, which should be available to purchase.


Reduced the price of Apple Care for iPads to $69

So, there you go, that’s actually it on the Apple Education Event, fair to say it fell short of what we were hoping for. Maybe we’ll see the iPhone SE 2 come later, or the release of iOS 11.3 come later as well, though based on the state of iOS if Apple can perfect it, we’d rather wait.

The event is available to re-watch on the Apple TV Apple Events app, or through the Apple website.

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