VIVO show off the Apex concept phone, with the tiniest Bezels you will ever see!

Yes, it’s a concept, and unlike VIVO’s previous “first to market” offering of an in-Display fingerprint scanner, this one isn’t go on sale for you to purchase, but come on, look at this thing! You can wave goodbye to all the iPhone X looks futuristic shenanigans going round, this is how you make a Smartphone that’s “all display”, as, you can’t rely deny that it’s not!

Whilst this won’t go on sale like the last VIVO phone we spoke about with the in-Display fingerprint scanner, the same technology has been brought over to this phone, though even better. Instead of having a selection of the display to place your finger, you will be able to place it anywhere on the lower 30%, which is insane!

For those who read our last VIVO post will know, to have an in-Display fingerprint scanner, it must have an OLED display, and that’s exactly what you’ll find here as well, with a 6 inch display, which feels way smaller than even any 5.5 inch phone we’ve ever seen, which is pretty incredible.

Of course, removing the bezels from a Smartphone will naturally leave users with multiple questions, namely, where’s everything gone, right? And, whilst it wouldn’t be too strange to assume they’re just missing to prove a point on the display side of things, oh no, they’re all here, and we’re going to go over everything typically on the front of Smartphones right now and how they’ve retained them;


The fingerprint scanner, just like we mentioned from our CES coverage, and, how we’ve already explained, it’s not on the back, it’s up front, in the display, and works just as well.


For any display to have any form of auto-brightness, it requires what’s known as an ambient light sensor, this is used to essentially take in light, and based on how much light is around, adjust the display brightness accordingly. This is also used to block any touchscreen actions whilst in a call. You can typically spot an ambient light sensor mostly on white phones as the black dot, which isn’t the front facing Camera, however, on the VIVO concept phone, they’ve done it again.

The ambient light sensor, just like the Fingerprint scanner, is behind the display. Whilst we didn’t get any time to check how reliably it was, such task isn’t easy in an area with the same brightness, the fact that this is being done at all is once again, amazing.


Okay, okay, fair enough, an ambient light sensor might not be impressive, but this is a phone, right? So, where’s the earpiece to make Calls. To accomplish this, well. The Earpiece isn’t there at all, however, if, whilst in a Call, you put your ear, like you do, to the top of the phone, you will still hear the Caller at the other side, all thanks to an ‘Vibration-based Bone Conduction-Style Speaker’, this is almost a virtual speaker you’re listening to. The experience of using this technology, which is proven technology, naturally rare in Smartphones, does take some getting used to, but, works and is clear enough to be used.


Naturally this Vivo phone, like any Smartphone, has a rear Camera capable of taking Photos and capturing great quality Video, very good, but what about the front. Vivo know, quite obviously, that anyone purchasing, or using a Smartphone in 2018, won’t do so without a front-facing Camera, whether that be for Selfies or Video Calls.

Well, just like any piece of technology this phone is attempting to rectify, the best way to find out is simply to try it. So, if you open the Camera app, and select to go to the front facing Camera … well, this happens;

Yep, it just slides up. Granted, this isn’t the most elegant solution, and as far as durability, any moving part is a bad thing, but the company claim it’s very tightly hidden away when not used and is only there when needed!


So, where does that leave us with the Vivo Apex Concept Phone, well, it’s easily the most innovative Smartphone we’ve seen from MWC, and, even if it is a concept, there’s no denying that this is one incredible feat of engineering.

What the Vivo Apex is, however, outside of just a Concept, is a step in to what can be done in terms of bezel-less Smartphones, and it shines a light on to what a Smartphone could look like, or behave, going forward. It’s an exciting thing to think about, and something we look forward to going forward.

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