ASUS made an “iPhone X running Android”, which no one asked for!

Image: Android Central

What you can see above are two Smartphones, the first on the left, the iPhone X, and on the right, the new ASUS Zenfone 5, look familiar?! Well, this isn’t anything new, we’ve seen a collection of iPhone X “clones”, as all iPhones get that clone treatment, but with the iPhone X, that it’s a bit easier as it has the notch to copy.

However, ASUS claim the Zenfone 5 will cost half the price of the iPhone X, when it launches in May, and should continue to deliver a full Smartphone experience with the same almost bezel-less design. Only problem with that, that we have, other than the fact there’s a notch at all, is that there’s really no need for it.

On the iPhone X, the notch is there due to the “True Depth Sensor Array”, which houses technology currently impossible to hide behind a display, whilst the ASUS has that too, there’s nothing stopping the company from simply adopting what every other Android manufactures do, and just curve the display upon an 18:9 aspect ratio, rather than an odd 19:9. In short, this is a clear iPhone X rip off to get the headlines and people talking, in the latter it’s a success, but we’re not too impressed.

Unfortunately, as well, ASUS is a much smaller company than Apple, so quality control is fairly low. Whilst the iPhone X has one of the best OLED panels you can find, the ASUS has what could be described as a mediocre at best LCD, which appears to be experiencing display colour leakage at the bottom.

The half than iPhone X price tag may have sounded good, at first, but this is a midrange device internally, with a Snapdragon 636 processor, however ASUS did say they will be releasing a Snapdragon 845 powered 5X later in the year, naturally at a higher price.

Their are some good features from the Zenfone 5, the loudest dual Speakers we’ve heard on Android in a long while, a pretty impressive 12MP dual-Camera setup, and this little known thing called a Headphone jack is still there.

In a small way, we feel for ASUS, as this is likely a ditch attempt to get some headlines and attention on the company, but as you can see from the picture above, copying a high end Smartphone, just makes your mid-ranger look even worse. Not to mention the fact that the bottom curves through. We commend the effort ASUS, but we sort of wish you hadn’t.

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