Samsung confirm they will release a Bixby speaker, later this year!

Some companies do the unthinkable, some do the unexpected, however, when it comes to Samsung, it looks like they’re going to do the unwanted. We wish we could slightly defend Bixby, though it honestly is one of the biggest annoyances of Samsung devices since it’s debut on the Galaxy S8, but the company ain’t quitting and are continuing their Bixby efforts to a greater scale.

With the success of both the Amazon Echo and the Google Home line, it’s not hard to see why Samsung wouldn’t want to step in to that market, the problem comes when you think of how much problems Apple’s HomePod has had when it comes to ‘actually being a virtual assistant’, it’s not being that pleasant, and Siri is much better than Bixby, so it doesn’t exactly paint a pretty picture when the idea of a Bixby Smart Speaker comes to mind.

Suggestions around MWC seem to be pointing at the Smart Speakers costing around $200, which, sure is less than the HomePod, though comments from Samsungs head of mobile operations DJ Koh … yeah DJ, suggest otherwise;

When I introduce the first model, I don’t want to give the impression that Samsung delivered another affordable mass model. I want to focus on more premium.

It will be interesting to say the least, what a Bixby Speaker will be like, and how much of an additional pain it will be to use, all we can say is, what this space. In the meantime, enjoy accidental taps of the Bixby button for the moment, as more annoyances from Bixby could be upcoming.

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