Samsung DeX Pad is a second generation, and much more portable, version of the same idea!

Samsung DeX is yet another version of an idea which nearly everyone claims to have. The ability to use your Smartphone alone, as your PC. Samsung’s previous DeX was a bit on the chunky side, and far from what you’d call portable, the new revision changes that with a more portable design.

Being portable, typically means less features right? Wrong. The same exact DeX features continue and live on with the DeX Pad, in fact they get better with the 2140p output provided by the HDMI port, you’ll also find 2 USB-A ports and a USB-C for power, which is required, though at least your phone gets charged in the process.

The benefit of the DeX Pads design, means you still have access to the Headphone Jack, should your monitor not have Speakers. The device also features fans to keep it cool whilst operating.

The DeX Dock

The experience however remains the same as the previous version, shown above, clunky. The idea is great, but we still feel it’s not something most, if not anyone, would use on a day to day basis. Using your Smartphone as a Trackpad is cumbersome to say the least, the App experience is still not quite there and questionable, but it’s getting better with time, even if Adobe hasn’t got the memo that they promised Photoshop last year, which isn’t here yet.

As of yet, the DeX Pad doesn’t have a price, though the previous sold for $100RRP, so it’ll be interesting to see whether that price goes down somehow, or if Carriers bundle it again.

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