Synaptics first in-display Fingerprint Scanner makes it’s way to VIVO Phones!

Whether you’ve heard of VIVO or not, is neither important or honestly the point to why this is such an interesting announcement, from CES 2018, what makes this interesting, is the fact that these are a collection of new Smartphones first in the world to be released with an in-display Fingerprint scanner! Yeah. That very technology we were all expecting to be Apple’s party piece for the iPhone X, and what Samsung still hasn’t quite ironed out yet, has already made its way to a working Smartphone!

The technology provided by Synaptics, allows for a Fingerprint Scanner to be placed, quite literally, anywhere within the display area of a Smartphone, Tablet, anything! The only noted requirement is, due to the way the Fingerprint Scanner connects and requires light through the display glass, the display must be an OLED panel. Though, to be fair, we’d be more worried if it required an LCD, though an LCDs requirement of an additional backlight layer makes the technology impossible.

Above is a slide shown off at the announcement, hinting very lightly the complex technology required to achieve such thing as an embedded Fingerprint Scanner on a Smartphone, really impressive stuff.

Our only issue with the embedded Fingerprint Scanner at the moment is that it, which you will see from a video demo provided by Android Central, is that, at least the set up process, seems suspiciously slow. Now, don’t get us wrong, we’ve mastered, and then so, Fingerprint Scanners which are lightning quick, from devices such as the Pixel 2 and past iPhones being just blazing fast to work, and it’s rather noticeable just how much slower this technology is, at least for now.

Don’t get us wrong, once it’s set up … eventually, the experience of Unlocking the device seems fairly responsive through the Fingerprint Scanner, and it is still rather mind boggling that it actually works as if it was a button, but it takes a good full second to complete some scans. That may seem rather petty, but we’ve gone far beyond the last few milli-seconds with some Unlocking solutions so it’s right to criticise in comparison.

This also confirms that the technology, was indeed slower than the existing Touch ID on the iPhone 7, and what Face ID ended up being on the iPhone X. This also explains why the technology wasn’t added to that iPhone, as well as that it’s not expected to show up on the next Galaxy S9 either!

It’s great to see the technology in the real world at this stage, it’s honestly great, and trust us we’d rather have an alright on-screen Fingerprint Scanner to unlock a literally full screen iPhone X, than have the god-awful notch and Face ID, but wasn’t to be.

VIVO First In-Display Fingerprint Sensor at CES 2018


Video provided by Android Central on YouTube.

Here you can see a demo of the technology in action, which shows our speed concerns. But, trust us, it’s great to see this entering the real world though, and we can’t wait to see it advance.

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