Nokia 6 gets a 2018 refresh, with Snapdragon 630 and more!

Just like last year, HMD Global announce, just before the CES trade show begins, a Nokia 6 device. However, this year, with the updated 2018 version. the company has at least listened to some feedback, as, well, at least this Nokia 6 actually has some form of backbone in terms of performance!

Whilst visually, minus a few design cues on the edges, the Nokia 6 may seem exactly the same as last years model, but there’s actually a number of changes for the positive to make this years model a bit more appealing! The fingerprint scanner is no longer an out of place button on the front, and now is placed at the back, as well as the shift from capacitive to on screen buttons for navigations is a nice change. It’s also nice to finally see USB-C on the device, from microUSB last year.

But, easily the biggest change to the Nokia 6 (2018), and the reason we’d actually recommend it over last years version, is what it’s rocking inside. Gone is the awful Snapdragon 430 from last years model, and something more worth while, a Snapdragon 630, paired up with 4GB of RAM. Now, that will actually get you some breathing room to actually do something on the device.

Other than that, the Nokia 6 (2018) is more or less the same, the same 5.5 inch 1080p display remains, the decent 3,000mAh battery will definitely last, even with a more powerful 630, and the same 16MP Camera remains, but will still come with Android 7.1.1 Nougat, though Nokia are adamant that Oreo is literally around the corner.

So, there you go, the new Nokia 6 (2018), an actually worth while mid-ranger, and is expected to be priced around €191 for the 32GB and €216 for the 64GB, UK pricing is as of yet unconfirmed, but expect just over those Euro prices, and pre-orders begin this coming January 10th in China, though a more expanded launch is promised.

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