Intel and AMD actually work together on new Intel 8th Generation H Processors!

What do you do when your a company like Intel, wanting to improve the Graphics in your new Laptop CPUs, but don’t like Nvidia, hmm what to do. Well, Intel have gone way outside the usual range by, ignoring the fact they compete directly, finding another company not too fond of Nvidia, AMD!

Again, as we mentioned, this is an incredibly odd partnership. Intel and AMD compete directly in the Processor game, AMD have just released their range of Ryzen Processors, as well as their ultra-powerful Threadripper CPUs which more than handily give Intel a run for their money, so a partnership like this is strange.

However, Intel isn’t interested in AMD’s Processing company, but instead their Radeon Graphics, and, together, Intel is hoping to be able to provide in-build custom discrete Graphics in to their own Intel Core H-series of Processors, built mostly for the Laptop form-factor, an area where AMD isn’t usually as good at, versus perhaps a GTX 1050, in terms of maintaining performance for battery life. Though, I think we can all agree, any solution is better than the crummy Intel graphics usually built in to these systems.

Whilst this will obviously seem to only benefit Intel, AMD are naturally keen on the idea for reasons we’ll elaborate on;

“Our collaboration with Intel expands the installed base for AMD Radeon GPUs and brings to market a differentiated solution for high-performance graphics. Together, we are offering gamers and content creators the opportunity to have a thinner-and-lighter PC capable of delivering discrete performance-tier graphics experiences in AAA games and content creation applications. This new semi-custom GPU puts the performance and capabilities of Radeon graphics into the hands of an expanded set of enthusiasts who want the best visual experience possible”

Scott Herkelman, VP and General Manager, AMD Radeon Technologies Group.

Whilst the inclusion of AMD Discrete Graphics on Intel processors will greatly enhance the performance found on most future Laptops, likely Ultrabooks, for AMD this is a perfect opportunity to claim back some market penetration lost in the hands of Nvidia, who, for most companies, is seemingly the only choice used in relation to Graphics, exception maybe being Apple (though even Apple use last or even further back gen versions of AMD Graphics, so naturally don’t give them the best light).

Intel introduces a new product in the 8th Gen Intel Core processor family that combines high-performance CPU with discrete graphics for a thin, sleek design. (Credit: Intel Corporation)

“This new addition to the 8th Gen Intel Core processor family builds on our strong portfolio of mobile and graphics solutions. Our 8th Gen and 7th Gen Intel Core processors brought capabilities like brilliant 4K content creation and consumption in amazing new designs. And as the leading supplier of PC Graphics, media and display technologies2, we deliver the visual experience to the majority of computers with our Intel HD and UHD graphics. Now, we’re opening the door for thinner, lighter devices across notebooks, 2 in 1s and mini desktops, while delivering incredible performance and graphics for enthusiasts.

Some might say the PC market is mature and has been for some time. At Intel, we challenge that notion every day. We are always creating new possibilities people haven’t seen or experienced. Look for more to come in the first quarter of 2018, including systems from major OEMs based on this exciting new technology”

One thing which is strictly true, is naturally, this is a better processor for the consumers, and it seems that’s exactly what Intel see, as well;

It’s a prime example of hardware and software innovations intersecting to create something amazing that fills a unique market gap. Helping to deliver on our vision for this new class of product, we worked with the team at AMD’s Radeon Technologies Group. In close collaboration, we designed a new semi-custom graphics chip, which means this is also a great example of how we can compete and work together, ultimately delivering innovation that is good for consumers.

Chris Walker, VP of the Client Computing Group and General Manager, Mobile Client Platform, Intel Corporation.

It’s worth noting, to use an example of the promotional video for the technology, that Intel mentions nowhere that AMD is involved, but at least you’ll get better performance right?! They still at least mention Radeon, and most will recognise that as AMD, or ATI if it’s been a while, but we’ll have to see how decent these perform upon their release.

Intel’s release video is available below;

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