Razer just made a phone … granted a dull one, but with something special to win you over?!

Anyone remember Nextbit … yeah didn’t think you did, regardless, the end result of that company is what Razer have used to create the all-new Razer Phone. Yep, that’s the same Razer brand you see plastered over Gaming PCs.

For those really in the know, and who remember the Nextbit Robin, the design of the Razer Phone won’t surprise you one bit, in fact if anything you may be the people most disappointed about the design of this Smartphone, but Razer have a trick up their sleeves they’re hoping to swing users to their new device.

Nope, it’s not streaming gameplay as the world was hoping for, but it is something that will greatly (potentially) improve the experience of using the Razer Phone, and that’s an insane Display Refresh Rate of 120Hz! Razer didn’t stop their however, as they’ve partnered with Dolby to provide Dolby Atmos front firing speakers, these things are good!

All that display talk may sound familiar, and it should, this is the same 120Hz Refresh Rate Apple uses in their iPad Pro 10.5 inch, under their “Pro-Motion Display” branding. In short, this should be the most smoothest representation of a Smartphone, you can find. For comparison, typical Smartphones run at a refresh rate of 60Hz, so it’s understandable that doubling that, is going to have a pretty incredible impact! The display itself is a 5.7 inch 1440p affair, it’s an LCD and borders on the average, however the device itself is pretty large, coming in larger than even Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8, paired with the rather blocky design, this thing is unlikely to be too confortable to use.

Such technology should take a big hit on the battery right? Well, Razer don’t think so, as they’ve packed a massive 4,000mAh battery in the Razer Phone, which is huge for the devices screen and specifications versus competitors, though should you wish to save some juice, you can revert the refresh rate down either to 90Hz or the more traditional 60Hz in Settings.

The big problem with the Razer Phone however, is, besides that incredible refresh rate, and for some maybe coming pre-loaded with Nova Launcher and an Unlocked Bootloader, though on Android 7.1.1 for now, the Razer Phone just isn’t anything that special. It’s design won’t turn any heads, the specifications, outside the insane 8GB of RAM, are typical of any flagship Android phone of 2017.

Oddities you may like to know in the spec department, the same Snapdragon 835 processor as you’d expect powers the Razer Phone, backed up as we mentioned by that stupidly large 8GB of RAM. Android Oreo is promised, as is 2 years of software support, though we’ll see if they actually deliver as the device ages. Cameras aren’t anything special, though you’ll find two at the back using the Telephoto setup, and a traditional at the front. It is nice, at least, to see expandable storage, especially as 64GB is your only option, so we’ll give them that.

What you won’t find, a modern design, headphone jack, or honestly anything that really makes us wow over it. Razer equipment, seriously just Google some, typically is flashy, crazy yet awesome, the Razer Phone just has none of that, and just leaves us incredibly disappointed we’re afraid.

The Razer Phone is available to pre-order now, should you be interested, priced at $700, shipping on Friday November 17th.

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