Nokia announce the Nokia 2, a low end Smartphone focused on Battery Life and the Normies!

Nokia, or HMD who currently power their hardware division, announced, today, the all-new Nokia 2. Has it got the specs, no, has it got the major appeal, no, but what it does have is an incredible 4,100mAh battery, which considering this guys low specifications, it’s gonna last ya!

Let’s first get the meh’s out of the way, the Nokia 2 is powered by a pretty measly Snapdragon 212, storage isn’t great coming in at a usable 4.6GB (just about, out of the box), and whilst it has an 8MP rear camera, it’s performance is expectedly average. The device also has barely 1GB of RAM, so don’t expect to game or perform too many tasks at once, you will be waiting for this to load.

But, this is a low end Smartphone, and, that Snapdragon 212 on a Smartphone with 4,100mAh of battery, this phone is a ‘Smartphone’ that can truly give you days of battery life for the, regular old joe, user. Plus, if you’re a music type of person, you will find both a headphone jack, as well as a microSD Card Slot to store all your music on the go. Whilst the amp on the headphone jack won’t amaze you, it is there.

Whilst keeping the headphone jack already makes this device feel legacy, one thing that might actually annoy is the inclusion of microUSB. For whatever reason, the device dodges the new USB-C standard, though at least you won’t need to charge it too much. It is also worth noting that both microUSB plus a Snapdragon 212, means no Fast Charging, so expect to need to leave it over night, as you’ll be waiting 4-5 hours to charge this from a low battery.

The Nokia 2 also features some expected Smartphone pleasantries, such as Bluetooth 4.0, WiFi (no AC obviously), and HSPA+ 4G connectivity (though no LTE).

The Nokia 2 almost gives us an old Nokia Lumia feel about it, feels like one that just didn’t make it, problem with that is there’s much better choices out there, and we do think the €99 price tag is a bit much to ask for.

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