Yes you can return to Date and Weather on new Google Pixel 2 Launcher!

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As any original Google Pixel owner will remember, one of the neat features of the classic Pixel Launcher was the quick glance on the Home Screen to see the Date and a Weather Widget up front as well. On the new Google Pixel 2 Launcher, whilst you do still get a Weather Widget and Date functionality, such functionality gets buried behind Google Calendar Events, which is typically shown in most promotions for the devices.

Original Google Pixel, and launcher, announced last October 2016

Many Google Pixel owners were left rather dismayed at the new Launcher as much of the functionality has been moved, or removed. The Google search is now at the bottom rather that at a top lip hinting at the left swipe for Google Now, however we’re here to confirm the classic(ish) behaviour can be restored on the new Google Pixel 2 devices;

Date and Time only Widget up top on Pixel 2 Launcher

To restore the Pixel 2 behaviour to what you were used to is simple, naturally if you have no Events, or by disabling the Calendar integration in the Launcher Settings, where you can configure which Calendar Events are to be shown (all or specified Account), or go to the point of straight disabling Google Calendar. This will restore the Pixel 2 Launcher to what is shown here, the full Date and a Distinctive and still accessible Weather Widget.

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