Apple TV (briefly) returns to Amazon, likely due to Prime Video release!

In a rather cheap move by Amazon, the company began refusing to sell products such as the Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Rokus and more, through their Amazon Shopping website. Whilst many have theorised that may have been due to the lack of Amazon content available on these devices, it did seem rather suspicious that in terms of TV streaming devices, the Amazon Fire TV devices were the only ones available on Amazon’s website.

In fact, let’s be fair, it was never a theory, it’s fact. Amazon blocked the sales of competing devices to boost the sales of their own hardware on what is one of the most popular Shopping sites, which is not only an ugly tactic, it’s wrong and mostly it’s anti-competition, which should never be a thing on what is just a Shopping site.

HOWEVER, it looks like this is soon set to change with what appeared on Amazon’s website for the better part of today;

Apple’s latest generation of Apple TV, their 4K model announced at their recent Event, showed up on the US Amazon website, granted as out of Stock, but did show up on Amazon’s website with all usual purchasing options still available, such as being notified for when Stock returns.

The page has since been removed, but the fact that it showed up there should be a perfect inclination that it will be returning to the Amazon website, likely upon the release of Prime Video to the Apple TV’s App Store.

Amazon however will continue to play this dirty game with other products we mentioned, such as Google’s Chromecast, as they not only compete with their own hardware but don’t offer Amazon’s services, which in itself is ironic as Amazon themselves could very easily add Chromecast support to their Prime Video app, and/or make a Prime Video app for the Roku.

What do you think about what Amazon is doing? We wouldn’t say we’re disgusted, but it is pretty silly what the company is doing when it comes to products on their website.

Amazon Prime Video is expected to arrive “by the end of the year”.

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