Google’s October 4th Event announcements leak! (…because of course they did)


As is the way with anything these days, nothing is kept secret before announcement, and that’s certainly the case when it comes to the upcoming Google event in the matter of weeks.

As expected, the Event will debut the second generation of the Google Pixel, but it also looks like Google will have a few more announcements to show at the Event as well, which have all leaked.

Before we get to the good stuff, here’s some extras expected from the Google Event;

Google Home Mini

First up is the Google Home Mini. Naturally all we know at this point is the obvious, it’s smaller, but it’s pretty clear that the Google Home Mini is a direct competitor to Amazon’s Echo Dot, the smaller variant of their Echo series of devices. Like the larger Google Home, it’s expected you will be able to use the Google Assistant to perform given tasks in the same way as the larger Home.

What probably won’t work, quite as good, when it comes to Music playback as the larger model simply in terms of scale and speaker quality, not that the larger Google Home is that great with Music anyway.

The big news about the Google Home Mini however, will be the price. This thing is expected to retail for just $49, which should be a prefect low price stepping stone in to the ecosystem for those unsure.

Google Pixelbook

Here’s one for the two of you asking for a Chromebook Pixel successor! Google’s last over-priced Chromebook was announced back in 2013, however unlike the previous Chromebook Pixel, the new Chromebook Pixelbook, as you’d imagine from the name, has the ability to fold over into a tablet at any given time. This kind of reminds us of a merge between the Pixel C and the Chromebook Pixel, however as much as many would hope it would at least run Android, or the ability to run Windows, this is a Chromebook.

The Pixelbook also supports the same Google Pixel-esc design language, which is actually pretty nice to see some consistency between Google’s hardware, as well as featuring for the first time in a Google branded product, a pen.

One thing, like the Chromebook Pixel, about the Pixelbook which is going to be too much of a fan of, is the price. The Pixelbook is expected to have a starting price or $1149, which gives you 128GB of internal storage. The 256GB model will set you back $1399, whilst the 512GB model peaks the price at $1749.

For an additional $99, the Pixelbook Pen is a new additional to the family. This Pen is expected to work with the Pixelbook, though running Chrome OS it’ll be intriguing as to what use a Pen actually will be.

We highly doubt that the Pixelbook Pen will work on any of the phones Google will announce, for the small number of people who will ask, but we’re sure will eventually have a use.

Just like everything else leaked, we don’t know anything about the device other than these pictures, so we’ll have to see what further information is shared on the October 4th event.

Daydream View (updated version)

Next up is a new version of Google’s VR headset for the Google Pixel. In terms of what’s changed compared to the previous existing Daydream View, pretty much the only visible change comes in terms of polish to the design, it’s far less squared off and has a much more smoother design.

Whether the image is showing with a Pixel inside or not, it does seem as well that the new Daydream View closes much more snug as well, whereas the original kind of looked too open in our opinion. Just like the original, the Remote seems unchanged. It’s likely that the revised version of the Daydream View will continue to work with existing Daydream compatible devices, such as the original Google Pixel phone.

Pixel 2 (in Kinda Blue, White and Black)

Shown in what’s expected to be “Kinda Blue”, as well as Black and White.

Here it is, the expected to be follow up to the Google Pixel, this is the Pixel 2. Like the original Google Pixel, the Pixel 2 comes in both White, Black and a Blue colour, which in this case doesn’t seem to be as saturated as the original one. Google is expected to match the storage, though may not, from the original as well as starting price, which is actually good as many companies increased Smartphone prices this year!

This is the smaller Google Pixel, which is still expected to be made by HTC, whereas the larger XL is not. The smaller Pixel 2 is also expected, though not confirmed, to have the same display design as the current, so no bezel-less design on the smaller model, which is expected to be reserved to the XL model!

Speaking of which;

Pixel 2 XL (in Black or White)

For those fans of larger display Smartphones naturally will be more interested in this, the Pixel 2 XL. Unlike the smaller Pixel 2, the Pixel 2 XL is expected to be made by LG and feature a bezel-less design, likely similar to the ones found in LG’s last few flagships, the V30 or G6, which we’re actually very excited about to see how it will, not only look, but work with Google’s stock Android experience.

Unlike last years original Google Pixel, the Pixel 2 XL is expected to only come in two colours, so if you were hoping for a Blue Pixel 2 XL, you may have to rely on companies like DeBrand or skins.

The “Just Black” design is definitely looking like the most clean design, supporting a dark aluminium design and black front thanks to the display and reduced bezels, as well as a completely black top design surrounding the all-new Camera.

Interestingly, the white variant of the Pixel 2 XL, maintains the black at the top of the back, which, we’ll be honest, at first looks a bit out there, but after looking at it a few times, we’re betting this actually looks pretty nice, however despite going White last year, or “Silver”, we’re likely going Black this year!

It’s unclear what the orange button is indicating, especially as it’s only shown on the White variant, something which will likely come to light when the October 4th Event is amongst us.

What we don’t know…

We don’t know a lot about these upcoming devices, specifically in regards to the Pixel 2 devices. One of the biggest things likely most would like to know, is the front design more than the back, as let’s be fair that’s the most important side of the phone to see, so those saying it’s no longer needed to watch the Event, we’ve a lot more to see.

Google’s Pixel 2 Event is this coming October 4th, are you excited about the Pixel 2 Event? Let us know.

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