Sony announce the Xperia XZ1 and XZ1 Compact

Sony are one of those companies that just love announcing new phones, problem is they also love announcing new phones that aren’t that much different to what’s already out there, and the XZ1 series of Smartphones is more or less just that.

Sony recently announced the XZ Premium Smartphone, which is an incredible 4K displayed powerhouse, but that display comes at a price. If you wanted those internals, but are happy to not have a 4K panel, you’re about to see those devices right here! One great thing about theses devices however, is they do come pre-installed with Android Oreo right out of the box.

This is the base model Xperia XZ1, a 5.2 inch Sony flagship, with all the power of the Xperia XZ Premium, literally just missing the 4K display. The also slightly smaller XZ1, features a 1080p display, which isn’t the best resolution, but we’ve no complaints, and the full power of the Qualcomm SnapDragon 835, which will likely run incredibly well on that Full-HD Display for that very reason, so if you like a fast and smooth Smartphone experience, you’re going to get it out of this device. That display remains Sony’x TRILUMINOS, and is a Full-HD HDR Display as well, meaning perfect colour accuracy across the board, with an sRGB of 138%. Gorilla Glass 5 is also here for protection front and back.

The XZ1 supports full High res audio formats, including FLAC, ALAC, DSD and LPCM, through the high quality DAC in the headphone jack. PS4 remote play is also supported for an added Sony exclusivity.

Whether you choose the Moonlit Black, Warm Silver, Venus Pink, or the Black, you have the same Water resistance you’d expect from a Sony, the same 19MP Camera front and back, with an insane 960fps Slow-mo video as demonstrated on the XZ Premium, and at least for us non-Americans a Fingerprint scanner in the lock button.

If you’re already familiar with the XZ Premium, you already know what this device can do, other than Android O out of the box and a Full-HD instead of 4K, that is what this phone is, but that’s certainly not a bad thing.

The XZ1 will retail for £599 SIM Free, and is available to pre-order now.

Whilst the XZ1 is a great Smartphone featuring all the power of the XZ Premium, this is what’s really incredible, fitting all the power of the XZ Premium in to a Compact Smartphone. This is a 4.6 inch display Smartphone, with a Snapdragon 835, the same 960fps video recording, Android O, 19MP Camera front and back, the same stereo front speakers, water resistance, do we even need to go on!

The same colour options are on the XZ1 Compact as well, the Black, Moonlit Black, Warm Silver (shown) and Venus Pink, in fact compared to the XZ1 above it, this is exactly the same Smartphone, just smaller, compact and the best one handed Smartphone you’re going to see.

Unfortunately, just like the XZ1, and XZ Premium, whilst we have a Fingerprint scanner on these units, the US audience will not, which makes very little sense to us, but that’s the way it is.

In a world where Smartphones seem to continue to get larger, this is about as refreshing as it gets, no longer do you have to go for an iPhone for the top performance in the industry, plus with a base starting price of just £499, you know this thing is going to be incredibly affordable, especially on Contracts.

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