The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is EXACTLY what you’d expect!

Samsung Galaxy Note8: Official Introduction


Video provided by Samsung on YouTube.

Call us the bored ones, but when it comes to the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 announced today, we’re kind of on left-field in terms of whether to be impressed or incredibly disappointed! It was, barely just, March, when Samsung announced the Galaxy S8, with it’s all new “infinity display” and finicky Fingerprint scanner, and if we told you then that pretty much that phone with a Pen would be the Note 8, you’d probably share our disappointment, yet here we are!

When Samsung originally launched the Galaxy Note program, interestingly, it was met with rather negative reception. The idea that we would ever want such large screen Smartphones was at the time barbaric, yet look at us today, the idea that we would want a Smartphone with a Wacom pen seemed equally crazy, yet look at the Note success over the years (minus last year naturally) … that’s the thing we’re missing from the Galaxy Note 8, that defining feature that makes it stand out as a Note device, and not a Galaxy S8… pro or something.

In typical Samsung fashion, you’ve more or less the same colour array, with two Blue colours to choose from as well as the Silver and Black finishes. All are built just like all recent Samsung’s, with a glass front and back, though we’re at least happy to see a far more minimised Camera bump for the now Dual-Camera set up and, yes, that S8-esc Fingerprint Scanner is here as well! The same style AMOLED Panel you’ll also find at the front of the Note 8 as well, from the S8 series, though naturally much bigger at an insane 6.3 inch, as well as the same on-screen vibration Home button and the same annoying Bixby button (which still has to be a Bixby button).

One feature the Note 8 does hold over the Galaxy S8, other than brute size, is the increase to 6GB of RAM as standard! Whilst Samsung did have a Galaxy S8 in Korean markets which that RAM capacity, now worldwide this will be offered with the Galaxy S8, alongside the same Exynos 8895 (Snapdragon 835 in US) processor and 64GB of on-board storage, which naturally remains expandable! The S-pen also stays on the Note line, obviously, though Samsung haven’t shared any real improvements, just that it’s there and works just as the Note 7 one did.

One thing you won’t find on the Galaxy Note 8, almost expectedly unfortunately for us heavy uses, is a big battery, the battery is rather mediocre on the Note 8 at just 3300mAh, however if you wish to know why, you can re-live the pain of last years Note 7 right here which should answer all the reasons, though needless to say we’re betting Samsung’s done pretty much everything to prevent that again!


Samsung are putting all their efforts, in terms of differentiation, in to the Camera on the Note 8. Rather than having a single 12MP Camera as typical on recent Galaxy flagships, the Note 8 doubles that, though it looks like Samsung have taken Apple’s approach rather than LG’s when it comes to what they’ll do with that extra lens. Instead of using it to zoom out like LG, Samsung have gone for the 2X Optical approach similar to Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus, as well as “artificial blurring” which rings very true to a Portrait mode. This isn’t a bad thing that it’s the same approach, personally we think its the better of the two to go for, and we’ll be very interested to see the results, especially as unlike the 7 Plus both the Lenses have OIS (optical-image-stabilization) rather than just the main one.

To Summarise

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Review


Video provided by Mr Mobile on YouTube.

We’re currently in a fully stable moment in terms of Smartphones, so it’s always going to be hard to stand out, and that’s where the Note 8 has really fallen short for us. For the select few who really prefer the super massive Smartphone, and have been waiting for a new S-pen capable Galaxy Note, sure this is what you’ve been waiting for and what a fantastic upgrade it will be, though for everyone else, there’s no area, other than the Camera at a stretch, where you wouldn’t be better suited saving some money on a Galaxy S8 or especially an S8+!

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 begins US pre-orders August 24th, yes tomorrow, or now if you’re UK bound, so if you’re wanting this thing as soon as, get your (pre-)orders ready. Samsung is promising first shipments out by September 15th! UK Carriers, such as EE are also offering it with a free Samsung DeX!

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