Marriland White 2 English Walkthrough – Part 139

Marriland’s White 2 English Walkthrough

Episode 139 – N Rematch (Summer)

Welcome to Marriland’s Pokemon White 2 Adventure! In this episode, after four years, I return to N’s Castle for the final time to challenge N’s Summer-themed team. Part 132 explains how to get him to appear there in the first place. He can be fought there once each change of season and his team varies depending on which season you’re playing in.

Also, here’s a link to a sample of the “Where to Find ALL Unova Dex Pokemon” so you can visit the Nature Preserve:…..

It is the most massive project I have ever worked on and should be amazing once it is finished. Thank you for your patience and hopefully this sample gives you an idea of how much work has gone into it!

Pokemon White 2 (and Black 2) is the sequel to the original Pokemon Black and White games, taking place in Unova two years after the first games. They are not just remakes, but are entirely new games with new storylines.

This video series will be broken up into episodes by location, so if a route or area is short, hey, the episode will be a little short, but that way they will be easier to include in my walkthrough on my website and should make it easier to find the stuff you’re looking for!

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