One comment on “Apple makes minor update to Mac Pro line, with new Modular version promised in 2018, new iMacs this year!

  1. As a constant computer user, due to my physical disability, work and studies, I was bitterly disappointed with the cylindrical Mac Pro and returned two in one year after hardware failure. I’m back using the Mac Pro 2010 desktop, probably the best design of desktop computer ever. Two SSDs, one for OS X and one for Windows 10 and a hard drive for music (not played via iTunes). I would love to see a metal square or rectangular design for 2018, with 4 drive bays, Blu-ray/rw and DVD/rw as having no optical drives was a disastrous mistake on Apple’s part. As an independent assistive technology researcher who has been using computers since the mid 1970’s, I would very much like to formally test the 2018 offering, but sadly, don’t think Apple would go for that due to my ongoing complaints about the scroll bar change witnessed in OSX 10.7 which has major accessibility and general usability implications. As a hardware designer myself with a product nearing production, I feel sad that Apple probably would not entertain the thought of me testing their new Mac Pro.

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