Apple makes minor changes to iPad mini and doubles iPhone SE Storage Capacities

Apple, alongside announcing a new PRODUCT (RED) iPhone 7, new iPad and Watch bands, also hid a few changes to two of their product lines. Whilst not necessarily updating them in many ways, they did announce storage Capacity changes beginning with the iPad mini 4.

Prior to today, the iPad mini 4 was available in 32GB and 128GB capacities, after a 16GB model was dropped, now however Apple are removing the 32GB option and selling just one iPad mini 4, the 128GB option. Whilst that naturally does mean the iPad mini 4 will start at a higher price than the £379 it used to, the 128GB size does get cheaper down from £469 to it’s new price of £419! The new iPad mini 4 128GB price will begin this coming Friday 24th.

Apple also made storage changes to the iPhone SE, almost un-noticably doubling the storage of the iPhone SE whilst retaining the same £379 and £479 price point for SIM Free, this makes the iPhone SE an even more attractive priced Smartphone which, let’s not forget, includes iPhone 6S internals for a pretty incredible price.

The iPhone SE will now come in a new 32GB configuration for £379, and a new much nicer 128GB configuration for a very decent £479, making it, alongside the iPad mini 4, one of the two devices you can get from Apple with 128GB of storage for under £500! The new configurations for the iPhone SE will begin this coming Friday 24th, though you can order one today.

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