Apple announce new PRODUCT Red iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

As expected, Apple did a bit of renovation across their product line today, one of those including giving the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus a bit of a paint job with Apple’s first ever PRODUCT (RED) iPhone, and we have to say this looks incredible!

Whilst most would have preferred perhaps a black front, the device in fact has a white facia, including an almost glowing white Apple logo at the back, all of which result in a beautiful product. The PRODUCT (RED) branding can be seen as well faintly underneath the usual “iPhone” branding at the back.

The device isn’t out just yet however, Apple will begin shipping the new iPhone 7 PRODUCT (Red) models in the same exact price point, though limited to 128GB and 256GB as the usual Jet Black model is, though otherwise the same price. iPhone 7 is also available in Black, Silver, Gold and Rose Gold finishes.

New RED iPhone 7 Unboxing!


Video provided by Marques Brownlee on YouTube.

However, unlike any previous iPhone, proceeds will go towards PRODUCT (RED) charity which funds HIV/AIDS programmes in Africa and beyond.

Order from 24th March at 3PM

Learn more about the new iPhone 7 in PRODUCT (RED) over at Apple’s website here!

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